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The global competitiveness report: China rose 2 U.S. continues to drop

 Yesterday, the world economic forum in Beijing issued a" 2010 - 2011 Global  Competitiveness Report": this year China's ranking rose to twenty-seventh in the last year; by Swiss claimed first chair, the United States this year was the Sweden and Singapore beyond, ranking fell to fourth place.
 " Competition ability is to show national productivity as well as to provide citizens with the ability to live." The world economic forum, managing director and chief business officer Greenhill ( Robert Greenhill ) yesterday at a press conference in Beijing said," the largest economy in the world is not the world 's most competitive economy, it represents the mechanism advantage, and business process maturity."
China: the BRICs countries only rose.
 " 2010 - 2011 Global Competitiveness Report" ( hereinafter referred to as" report" ), in this year's ranking, China rose two places to twenty-seventh, is the only one of the BRIC countries to top up, pull big with the other three distance.
 " Is not only the economic scale of China, the economic quality continues to rise." Greenhill said, China in infrastructure and other aspects do very well, at the same time in the commercial maturity and innovation have made great progress.
 " Report" shows, compared with last year, China in most index performance is stable, its main advantage is the continuous development of the huge market size, macroscopical economic stability, relatively mature and has certain innovation ability of enterprise.
 The financial market in China has been a significant weakness, China rose two basically is due to its financial market value rises, the reason is: because people can more easily through the stock market, banks and venture capital credit and financing, as well as the banking industry health perception has been improved.
 In mature economies encountered challenges.
 The" report" the result shows, in the aftermath of the crisis in some Asian countries competitiveness will continue to improve, however some mature economy, not only decline in the rankings, while macroeconomic challenges.
 Asia several developed and developing economies in the report of the global competitiveness rankings achieved good results. Singapore ranked third, Japan ( sixth ) and Hongkong ( eleventh ) and the top 20.
 And at last lost top spot after the United States, this year's ranking is more down to fourth place. In addition to increasingly severe macroeconomic imbalances outside the United States, public and private institutions and the people of the United States of America weakened financial market conditions lingering fear is caused by the United States of America seating arrangement causes the decline.
 The Middle East and North Africa countries also occupy the top half, including Qatar ( seventeenth ), Saudi Arabia ( twenty-first ), Israel ( twenty-fourth ), Saudi Arabia ( twenty-fifth ), Tunisia ( thirty-second ), Kuwait ( thirty-fifth ) and Bahrain ( thirty-seventh ). In recent years, most Gulf states in the charts to maintain upward trend.
 The Nordic countries continue to list on the performance, Sweden, Finland ( seventh ) and Denmark ( ninth ) are among the top 10, while Norway was ranked fourteenth.
 " The global competitiveness report" is the world's most authoritative economic competitiveness report, containing 139 economies in the latest data, competitiveness and analysis; this report is governments ( economy ) to measure the economic competitiveness of the important reference.