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PCB manufacturers have joined the ranks of published consolidated revenue

  It is understood that all listed printed circuit board industry, significant economic recovery this year, in order to increase operational transparency, Yaohua electronics, Career Technology announced July consolidated revenues for the first time joined the ranks, has also benefited from the recent orders for hot smart phone network. Taiflex printed circuit board companies in the past few years have been in the mainland, but there are still many manufacturers have not announced consolidated revenue, Wellink interest in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou, Kunshan has production bases, is a listed cabinet flexible printed circuit board (FPC) related manufacturers, announced consolidated revenue of the last one a month.
  Shanghai Yaohua also show China in electronics, in the August 1, split solar photovoltaic business establishment Yiu Cheung, the consolidated revenues published monthly PCB industry will help to expose the complete operational performance.
  The main products in the automotive, single-sided PCB's Jingpeng industry, working to increase transparency in recent years has published consolidated revenue, but upload the product revenues in the tables, not real-time display the previous year revenue comparison. In the past, but rather the product revenues continued to statistics released electron-rich group revenue of education, starting in July, no further disclosure, corporate presumably was due to the second half of the personal computer (PC) industry, concentrated in the weak and the main products motherboard with the PCB, resulting in performance decline.