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PCB conservative Q3 downstream market bearish stock

  According to the survey, the printed circuit board third Ji Chuantong peak strength is inferior to in former years, the copper foil substrate, glass fiber cloth factory in July revenue also inadequate, only sets of photoelectron, rich Qiao Industrial rewrite the record; Hua Wei then hit a new low this year. Benefit from the printed circuit board in the first half of the year is not short off-season, upstream of copper foil substrate, electronic grade glass fiber cloth prices are way up, CCL factory Taiwan photoelectric, union Mao, is a science and technology, Hua Wei electronics, Taiwan Yiu Technology, as well as the upstream of CCL electronic grade glass fiber yarn, cloth factory Fu Joe, Jian Rong Industry, Dehong industrial, second Ji Chuantong the off-season working up significantly, recently because of the third season of PCB not season-wang have lower inventory, price only station photoelectric rose yesterday, all the remaining charge black.
  CCL plants are disclosed, feel the recent downstream of PCB factory conservative view of the market, may tend to digest both CCL stock, in this case, CCL upstream on the fiberglass cloth goods also conservative. Union Mao consolidated revenues decline even in February July, Hua Wei hit a new low this year; Jian Rong, Dehong revenue is weak, only rich Qiao Shouhui glass factory new plant put into operation, finance revenue continued innovation is tall. A photoelectric said, CCL recent demand slightly down, but the inner pressing ( ML ) shipments drive in July consolidated revenues to rewrite history record, the current cross-strait four factory capacity are already full, to the four seasons, the first quarter of next year will have new capacity issue, is estimated to increase capacity 300000 piece. A boast in July consolidated revenues still more June raise, also benefit in investment in the mainland of China Guangdong Zhongshan plant a new plant put into operation, the current production capacity utilization rate at six, 70%, but for the third season orders tend to be conservative, is also not as expected in the third quarter at 80 percent capacity. In the traditional busy season growth of strength is limited, the first half of the year the price rises urgently CCL and electronic grade glass fiber yarn, cloth, in August 7, flat is not moving, but the recent rise in copper and from bottom, part of the CCL plant that appropriate tuning may still have.