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2009 China Shanghai International Vacuum Equipment and Technology Exhibition December 10 -12

Participation Date: December 10, 2009 -12 days
  Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center
  Approved by: China International Trade Promotion Committee, Shanghai Pudong Branch
  Organizer: China International Trade Promotion Committee, Shanghai Pudong Branch
  Sponsor: Shanghai the Space Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
                Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
  Co-organizers: International Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers Association
                International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association
                The Shanghai Vacuum Society special committee
                China General Machinery Import and Export Corporation
                China General Machinery Engineering Society
                China imported equipment parts company
   ◆ Last review:
   The VACUUM 2008 and July 2008 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center successfully held Edward Rhine Thailand can, Ouruikanglai Po, United States GENESIS for U.S. Polycold Yu nozawa, Tuthill Vacuum ULVAC, Inc., Japan, three-dimensional vacuum Afa Pa vacuum Group Wing vacuum, Zhen Confucianism vacuum in KYKY, Shen TECH, Zibo Vacuum Equipment, Lanzhou vacuum, aiming pump works, Group Zhejiang true, Huafeng vacuum and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad support to participate in the exhibition area of ​​nearly ten thousand square meters. Nearly 200 companies from the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, a total of 31,718 visitors come to visit. Exhibition brings together the world's leading vacuum equipment and technology, Shanghai Vacuum Society exhibition organization over the same period of 2008 vacuum Symposium "and many industry forums and special technical exchanges, and depth of industry trends, latest market developments, the international leading technology and advanced management experience.
  ◆ display content:
  ★ vacuum equipment; vacuum measurement and calibration instruments; vacuum leak detectors; various the vacuum electronic element and Devices; vacuum metallurgical equipment and vacuum heat treatment equipment; vacuum coating equipment; vacuum freeze-drying and packaging, and other types of vacuum application equipment; the various vacuum valves and vacuum components vacuum system equipment; variety of vacuum pump oil, vacuum process materials and vacuum engineering equipment; various instruments and vacuum leak detectors; ion beam etching system and molecular beam epitaxy equipment .
  ◆ fees Standards:
   1. Configuration: Standard booth 9m2 (3m × 3m) exhibition space, three panels (2.5m high), fascia board, one table, two chairs, nine square carpet, 220V power outlet a two spotlights;
   2. Light to (36m2 Qizu) configuration: exhibition venues, security, cleaning services, no facilities;
   3. Charges (two-sided opening 20% ​​of the booths, plus the original booth fee):
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  Tel :86 -21-54530087
  Fax :86 -21-6129411
  E-mail: axpo@vip.163.com
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