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The 2009 China International Industrial Fair, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

 " The 2009 China International Industrial Fair" today ( November 3rd) at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center Grand opening. The exposition closely the national focus on the development of industry and the major science and technology projects, establishment of CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition, exhibition of industrial automation, environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition, information and communication technology exhibition, new energy and electric power development, innovation of science and technology exhibition, aerospace technology exhibition of professional exhibition. Display area of Shierwanliuqianduo square meters. The Gallery exhibits represent our country in 30 years of reform and opening up the domestic manufacturing equipment to the latest results, reveals China's independent innovation of the new technology.
  Fair has attracted from 19 countries and regions of the 1869 exhibitors, brought together from the world's most developed industrial products. Highlight the modern industrial world class quality and advanced equipment manufacturing industry 's new achievements.
  Science and technology innovation as the country gift
  This year is the sixty anniversary of the founding of new China, was initiated in 1999 by the China International Industry Fair ( referred to as" China Industry Fair" ), is entering her eleventh year. In ten years," China Expo" China has witnessed rapid development in industry" ten years", the exhibition area to display from the original 15000 square meters in 2008 to more than 120000 square meters, attracting nearly 100000 visitors, from the corporate image industry achievement show, show, trading, forum, awarding four functions both, exhibitors from Shanghai local state-owned large enterprises, according to the professional exhibition, city, city and overseas exhibitors from a situation of tripartite confrontation, based in Shanghai, the country to face, facing the world, a cycle of ten years, China International Industry Fair has from the general exhibition, through" commercialize, specialization, internationalization, brand " shape, become China and the Asian region's most influential advanced.
  A struggle in the machine to participateThe second half of 2008, a hundred years did not encounter the international financial crisis, the world economy was hit, but the face of China's huge market, foreign enterprises will still exuberant, overseas exhibitors hope with the show business, enter the China market, at the exhibition site with the latest technology products to participate in athletics. According to statistics," 2009 China Expo" in overseas exhibitors exhibitors ratio of more than 30%, including Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan also participate in the exhibition.
  The exhibitors, leading enterprises in the industry, leading enterprises full.Metalworking and CNC machine tool show brought together China heavy duty machine tool three big Jin'gang: machine bed, Wu heavy machine, spark machine, the laser processing three giants: Japan Yamazaki, Germany-fast Huajia, Switzerland hundred ultra-precision machine China, sheet metal processing five: Yang Li group, wo Seiki, Jiangsu area, Jiangsu Avignon, Hubei three-ring forging.
  Industrial automation show include factory automation field top brands, including ABB, Siemens, FANUC, Fuji Electric, Feinikesi, Granville map, Honeywell and other.
  New energy and power electronics show, Shanghai electric group, Hebei Tianwei Group, Jin Feng and other display China's nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy and other new energy and power industry the latest technology achievement.
  Environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition Japan Pavilion highlights Japan's top environmental protection enterprises in water treatment, air purification, waste treatment and recycling, energy saving, new energy, environmental monitoring machine in areas such as new technology, new products, China energy conservation investment company as China's energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection in the field of industry group and the largest and strongest integrated service operators, for the first time exhibitors.
  Information and communication technology exhibition in addition to mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom will continue to jointly stage, city of LED lighting products and equipment is on display semiconductor lighting technology and equipment manufacturing, the well-known enterprises including CREE, ENFI, Yaming, Austrian light, Li Jing.
  This new aerospace technology exhibition attracted Chinese commercial aircraft limited liability company, commercial aircraft engine limited liability company, Shanghai Aerospace Bureau, limited company of Shanghai airport group and many other well-known enterprises participation, Eurocopter, Baer, Sikorsky, red eagle, Hayley and helicopter manufacturers also carry helicopters to the scene display entity.
  Innovation of science and technology exhibition of colleges and universities in China " exhibition" brings together national 55 universities and 2 overseas universities, of which more than half of Universities' science and technology strength in the national top 60, exhibited significant technical breakthrough project about 30, introduction to applied technology achievement project about 400.
  The revitalization of industry new Diechu
   Since this year, the state issued a timely manner automobile, equipment manufacturing, shipping, electronic information and other 10 major industrial restructuring and revitalization plan. " The 2009 China Expo" scene, national emphasis props up the professional field of professional exhibition scene, taste alternate newly to go out.
  In the CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition, tycoon of domestic machine tool, machine bed, Qin Chuan Wuhan heavy machine, spark machine tool has unveiled its latest development of CNC machining center, the manufacturers of the exhibits are on behalf of the domestic machine tool industry's highest level.
  In the industrial automation area, ABB company 's new IRB 120 ABB robot robot, is currently introduced minimum robot and the fastest of six axis robot, is by ABB ( China ) robot R & D team first independent research and development of a new type robot. Fanuc company will be the world's largest handling overweight object robot M-2000iA series as well as the latest development of the M-1iA intelligent, high-speed fist robot. Siemens company in the exhibition scene global launch the latest automation integrated system SIMATIC WinCC V7 Asia edition.
  In the new energy and power electronics exhibition, Shanghai electric group shows wind, solar and nuclear energy and other new energy technology new application, such as a 2 megawatt wind turbine bearings, including wind power inverter for wind power exhibition and the Shanghai electric to overseas market of the first offshore wind power project exhibition. Hebei province has also brought the new development of high-performance generator as the power equipment.
  In environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition, Japan Pavilion exhibiting nominal, brought the world's largest inner rotary gear pump, recycled paper formaldehyde absorption technology, polystyrene foam container, reducing energy saving diagnosis and energy-saving technologies such as Japan's new environmental protection technology.
   In information and communication technology exhibition, telecommunications, mobile, Unicom shows to broadband mobile Internet as the core of the new technology, new application, new terminal. STMicroelectronics demonstrated its complete NFC ( NFC ) solutions, including NFC mobile phone and non-contact card reader and high safety, innovation ( U ) SIM card chip technology.
   In aviation and space technology, China commercial aircraft limited liability company ( large aircraft company ) for a variety of new model plane and the large aircraft project C919 prototype is the most eye-catching. China aviation industry commercial engine company site also bring three real engine, including debut for ARJ services supporting the large engine.
  In scientific and technological innovation of colleges and universities in China " exhibition, exhibition" display of the Dalian University of Technology" hard and brittle material of complex curved surface parts precision manufacturing technology and equipments," Nanjing University" dielectric superlattice materials design, preparation, performance and application of Tianjin University"," motor vehicle exhaust gas purification materials," Shanghai Jiao Tong University" improve comprehensive surgical efficacy of gastric cancer treatment treatment of basic research and clinical application of" have won national awards; "the Chinese Pavilion" Chinese Academy of Sciences 1 megawatts of solar thermal power tower system integration and demonstration display representing mastered in China with independent intellectual property rights of the high efficiency, low cost, large scale commercial solar tower thermal power station technology.
  Both inside and outside the fine appearance
  " China Industry Fair" is a globally oriented equipment manufacturing hi-tech products exhibition and trade platform. In this year's " China Expo" scene, domestic exhibitors to bring not only for the domestic market products and technologies, but also take into account the overseas market, some of the exhibits are aimed at the overseas similar product replacement, in order to attract foreign buyers, export promotion. And overseas exhibitors, will aim to Chinese domestic high-end market, many of them products and markets of developed countries and even reached the synchronous production and sales, which in previous years exhibition does not see more in. Companies such as ABB bring synchronized with the European production of the M3BP series of energy-saving motor. Japan Pavilion in Kataoka machinery manufacture brings to the development and production of " energy saving and environmental protection car" piston ring special machinery. Japan Yamazaki exhibited ST-X champion series CNC laser cutting machine, the power of 1.3 kilowatts can cut 12mm carbon steel, than the current domestic and foreign similar models should be at least 2 kilowatts of power energy saving 35%.
  Science and Technology Expo, exciting stage
  The 2009" China Expo" from the 2010 Shanghai World Expo held in less than 200 days. " The technology" to" city better life, let the world more wonderful science and technology" as the theme, from the green energy and energy saving and emission reduction, the planning and construction, the information and services, the health and safety, environmental improvement and ecological integrated management of city development in the future, several plates, concentrated display of scientific and technological innovation in the the project construction, energy, environment, operation, display and security fields, great achievements. Through the" World Expo exhibition", the audience can feel the power of science and technology, experience the Expo the charm of science and technology.