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Jiujiang economic and Technological Development Zone Four industry economy gross

 The Jiujiang news net news a home business machine voice rumble, a line busy; in the building construction site, soil car shuttle, busy construction personnel to seize every minute rush deadlines ... ... As the city's main battlefield of economic development the vanguard of the national Jiujiang economic and Technological Development Zone, bigger and stronger positive four big industries, make whole town" three years of decisive battle industry 200000000000" this one thematic be in full swing.
  Implementation overtakes carry, must expand industrial gross, improve industrial quality, make the industry cluster development. To this end, Jiujiang economic and Technological Development Zone are put forward the development of "new energy, new materials, electronic IT, automobile and spare parts" four big industry, big bibcock to supporting, accelerate breed expand industry cluster.
  Auto industry to introduce 5 ~ 8 total investment exceeds 2000000000 Yuan Auto parts enterprise; seize Changan auto recombinant Changhe company new opportunities, support Changhe company vehicle production this year reached 6 ~ 80000, the engine output of 15 to 200000 units, the main income breaks through 5000000000 yuan;New energy industry focus on the introduction of solar cell and battery assembly projects, LED projects, years were introduced in 1 and 5 above;
  New material industry focusing on the introduction of copper clad laminate, wiring board as well as the upstream and downstream related projects, in 2011 before the formation of an annual output of more than 10000000 M2 CCL and more than 20000000 M2 circuit board production capacity;
  Support Yang Lei Di polysilicon production capacity to 500 megawatts during the year;
  Rock glass started construction of two 150000 tons of production lines, so that production capacity to reach 350000 tons;
  Electronic IT industry focus on the introduction of the notebook computer, mobile phone and other electronic class IT bibcock project, introduced in 1 years at least, by the end of 2011 to form the actual production capacity.
  A package of initiatives, let Jiujiang economic and Technological Development Zone Industry from the trees, to the development of the environment, a change in the climate of the forest, industry" the geese effect" increasingly, economic gross to grow. From 1 to April, the introduction of Industrial Project 23, project 21 in construction industry, implementation industry the main business income of 6300000000 yuan, finance income 200000000 yuan, add 2700000000 yuan in fixed assets investment, foreign trade and exports of $31000000.