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Japanese power industry trapped by limited resumption of work time is difficult to determine

The earthquake in Japan for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, the impact of copper foil substrate plant ITEQ General Manager Jizu that now that the earthquake had no effect on the overall industry is still too early, mainly because of the world's leading glass fiber yarn plant on the East plant will be in Fukushima, and if the production line can not return to work within 1 week, will make the furnace temperature can not be maintained, subsequent related production problems difficult to solve. Based on current information received shows that Japanese firms because of the limited electrical problem, so re-plant is not yet clear finalized.
ITEQ expect the earthquake to have the ability to produce high-end glass yarn is more beneficial to the industry is expected to benefit.
It is understood that, because the plant is located in the East Fukushima, and preliminary estimates suggest that about 100 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant, it will be on the short term impact on the company's product line. Market assessment, return to work at the East plant after another, the capacity can not be hundred percent out, plus, due to good demand for copper foil substrate plant before the inventory level is generally not high, only about 2 to 4 weeks, is expected to plant for the day The higher raw material dependence of the industry will be affected by this. Although the United States Department of the industry also available, but still hard to curb short-term trend of rising prices.
The application side, the current Tablet PC (Tablet PC) and smart phones (Smartphone) more than 106 ultra-thin fabric, yarn species corresponding to D900, while the Japanese share of this market of about 50 to 60%.
Compared to the smart phones, feature phones (Featured Phone) 1080 is the use of thin cloth, yarn species corresponding to E450. As for the notebook computer (NB) 2116 specification is commonly used in thin cloth. Thick cloth over the past 7628 at this stage is a large size glass fiber cloth is different.
To Taiwan-based supplier of view, Taiwan will become Asia's D900 can provide the products, while Joe is still part of the rich source material is outsourced to Japan. Therefore expected that the earthquake on the industry capable of producing high-end fiberglass yarn spinning very beneficial effect is expected to receive a single turn.
In addition, the high Jizu analysis, plants from the system point of view, Japan, 16 occurred within 2 years of major earthquakes, so if the high proportion of raw material supply is dependent on Japanese companies, there will be problems, is bound to be adjusted, and the overall PCB industry chain will be 3 to 6 months to see changes.
United look to Mao, the company's supply chain dispersion, the proportion of Japanese imports of raw materials is not high, has been transferred to Taiwan-based supplier of more than. It is noteworthy that, together Mao in the high-end products, communication products, there is a competition that is the only Japanese manufacturer, it is expected that supply the industry with the Japanese limited number of ITEQ expected to benefit.