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13th Annual High-Tech Expo Opens in Beijing yesterday, as the protagonist of national science and te

  Yesterday (27), 5-day tenth session of the China Beijing International High-tech Fair opened in Beijing. High-Tech Expo this year, a total of 2112 domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, technology parks, industrial base participation, the local technology industry as the Thirteenth National Tech Expo "hero."

  According to reports, CHITEC by the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China CCPIT, State Intellectual Property Office and co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Government, will highlight innovation, strategic and emerging industries three core content of low-carbon green economy, promote science and technology industrial projects of major national and international cooperation, the report covers topics will be 60,000 square meters of high-tech exhibitions, nine special Summit of the Forum to discuss the project and five field promotion activities. As the largest moving stage Cobo exhibition will continue to monopolize the China International Exhibition Center (Old Exhibition) All hall, integrated consumer electronics and information technology development, recycling and energy saving economic development, national key project outcomes show, Taiwan Exhibition, "Science and Technology Beijing" results show, Zhongguancun independent innovation exhibition, automotive technology exhibition, the provinces and municipalities technological innovation and trade show results, Beijing innovations of the industrial exhibition of functional areas into 10 zones.

  "Low carbon" is the largest hot CHITEC Forum, in the context of globalization, to explore the post-crisis era of China's industrial restructuring and upgrading, develop low-carbon economy, economy, world cities and other hot topics of today's technology industry has become a world-renowned focus. Cobo will be launched this year, eight forums and eight special promotion to showcase Chinese science and technology innovation, the latest achievements in various fields.

  It is understood that this High-Tech conference, there will be nearly triple play models, 3D, 3G new series debut. The world's largest 152-inch plasma screen, will show the audience the most impact to bring the 3D feast. The 42 companies from Taiwan will also show 178 people the top brand consumer electronics and information technology products. Meanwhile, the Zhongguancun Science and Technology innovation in the old State Fair 4 Museum of the Internet industry by the industry as the next revolution in scientific and technological achievements of cloud computing. High-Tech Expo Taiwan Exhibition organizers said Beijing High-Tech technology for cross-strait economic and trade cooperation to build a win-win exchange and cooperation platform for interaction, with High-Tech Expo in the mainland and overseas influence, Taiwan boutique brand has been further improved, while Taiwan manufacturers to promote and facilitate the expansion of the mainland market.