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Suzhou AMD packaging and testing plant expansion and deepening the strategic layout in China

As AMD company AMD ( NYSE: AMD ) is in China investment of wholly-owned subsidiaries, amd (China) Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the" AMD China" ) will be announced on its located in the Suzhou Industrial Park plant expansion. This expansion will put AMD Suzhou factory set into a assembly, testing, marking and packaging functions in one integrated factory, at the same time with the central processing unit ( CPU ), the graphics processor ( GPU ) and accelerated processor ( APU ) for packaging and testing capability. This expansion will make Suzhou factory capacity doubled, after the expansion of the factory covers an area will also greatly enhance. A period of expansion project is expected to be completed in December 2011. The Suzhou plant expansion is AMD in China long-term development strategy and planning another milepost event.
 Standing Committee of Suzhou municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Work Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park in Ma Minglong, Suzhou Industrial Park appoint vice secretary Mr. Yang Jianzhong, AMD's executive vice president and chief operating officer and chief executive AMD RobertJ.Rivet, vice president, global production of AMD technology (China) Co., Ltd. managing director Ceng Zhao hole took part in the expansion project of the foundation the ceremony.
 Suzhou AMD packaging and testing plant put into operation in 2004 December, mainly engaged in CPU integrated circuit testing. Test product was experienced from monocytic CPU to the duo, and quad-core CPU, from CPU to CPU desktop computer notebook, from 130 nm to 45 nm process technology development.
 In the Suzhou assembly and testing plant expansion, AMD executive vice president and chief operating officer and executive officer RobertJ.Rivet said in an interview:" the Suzhou plant expansion is not only for plant development and technical quality of early recognition is important reflect, also be the AMD of Chinese outstanding technical talents and market potential of recognition. China is AMD crucial market, this expansion again proved with the action of AMD constantly increase input in China 's decision."
  AMD senior vice president, Greater China President Guo Kezun said:" thank you very much for Suzhou city hall and the Industrial Park leaders since long to Suzhou AMD packaging and testing plant support energetically and help, it is in your guidance, Suzhou AMD packaging and testing plant can be successfully completed, the development and the realization of today's expansion. Suzhou plant expansion in China in terms of far-reaching, we will continue to carry out ' core establish China, win-win future ' commitment, and common development of China Information industry."
  AMD since entering China in 1993, expanding the input in China, its business from early product sales gradually evolved to include research and development, channel management, marketing and other aspects including the omni-directional operation, and achieved amazing results. With the Chinese economy and the rapid development of information industry, China 's global IT industry is playing more and more important role, I believe that the Suzhou AMD packaging and testing plant expansion will become the AMD development in China is another milepost, take this as the turning point of AMD China will enter a new stage of development, a comprehensive realization and Chinese win-win a better vision!