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"Business Week" published in 2010 100 global technology enterprise in Shenzhen BYD, Tencent into the

  "Business Week" recently released "2010 Global Top 100 IT companies' selection results, Shenzhen BYD than Apple, Amazon and other IT giants to win the dominant position; Tencent list from seventh in 2009 were among the to the third. Runner-up for Apple, Amazon topped the list last year, back to fourth.

  It is understood that the list by "Business Week" survey of 6500 technology companies after the release into the list of companies must meet the market capitalization of not less than $ 1 billion, with annual revenue of not less than $ 500 million in 2008 to The revenue decline in 2009 can not exceed 5% of the basic conditions. "Business Week" to meet the above conditions of the 210 companies for revenue and operating profit, increase shareholder value and employee come to such a comprehensive comparison ranking.

  BYD entered the automotive industry in 2003, has been established the Academia Sinica, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Electronics Research Institute, Electric Power Research Institute and other special research departments at the same time the battery will be their experience in the field of IT Applications to automotive manufacturing, creative development of electric vehicle technology. 2009 BYD operating income 39.469 billion yuan, an increase of 47.34%.

  Tencent reported a first quarter of 2010, a quarter of total revenue 4.2261 billion yuan, an increase of 68.7%.

  Also, in addition to Tencent, China local Internet company Baidu ranked No. 27, ranked No. 80 grand.