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Q2 PCB notebook with strong demand orders year-on-year rise

 NB ( computer ) printed circuit board to strong demand, Hanyubode, like Electronics announced higher annual shipments, Hanyubode look 81000000, academy electric also reached 40000000.
 Hanyubode said, this year's global NB notebook computer market growth rate of about two, growing strong force, drive demand for PCB synchronous growth. Hanyubode is global NB printed circuit board is bibcock, this volume can push. Hanyubode estimated last year, NB PCB shipments of about 69000000, the global market share of about 40%, is expected this year shipments of up to 81000000, the global city occupying rate ranged from 47% to 50%.
 Hanyubode points out, this year in the NB PCB market share, have the confidence to reach 50%. In view of recent years, flat panel TV market development strength is good, the company will also make some capacity for food, flat panel TV business, expected LCD TV ( LCDTV ) control board to be expected from the global market share of 9% to 13% above, and get the control board with PCB faucet.
 Second of the world's largest NB PCB factory academy electric, last year NB PCB global market share of about 17%, this year is expected to increase to around 20%. As pointed out, NB industry high transparency, high PCB shipments to increase this year 40000000, than last year increase 37.93% 29000000 piece.
 In the NB PCB also has a space for one person in the tripod Technology, Ying technology PCB factory, this competition is not absent NB market. Fixed Ying said, second season NB customers capacity will be the first season to increase one times, monthly production capacity of up to 500000 square feet.
 Tripod pointed out, Jiangsu's Wuxi factory this year continued to increase production capacity, second Ji Ke from nearly 7000000 square feet to 7500000 square feet, the third season again increased to nearly 8000000 square feet, the end of the year to 8070000 square feet, predicting annual NB with PCB % of capacity.
 NB industry with the growth, attracting the world's largest thin-film transistor liquid crystal display ( TFT-LCD ) PCB factory Super Science and technology view, this year, actively expanding production capacity and development of NB using PCB orders, estimated that next year with PCB NB revenues two into.