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Yaohua: high-end smart phones HDI white card market of mainland China's rise

  Yaohua Xu Zhenghong mill, general manager of mobile phones said the global mobile phone market is very unstable, in June the customer orders the force of the brakes occurs, demand as expected, but the second quarter consolidated revenues will continue to grow 25% over the first quarter, for the full year, there will be 20% annual growth, return to the level before the financial crisis.
  Xu Zhenghong said, by the European credit and other issues affecting the global mobile phone market situation is not very stable, especially in June, the customer orders have been signs of weaker demand than expected.
  The overall operation of the second quarter performance, Xu Zhenghong that the average capacity utilization of 80-90%, one-quarter revenue will be in the first quarter grew 25 percent, well turn around, but will remain in the first half of slight loss or break even in the vicinity.
  In addition to strengthening the existing high-end smart phone products, Xuzheng Hong said that the Chinese mainland market, the rise of the white card can not be underestimated in the past because a small amount of white-box handset diversity, price is not high, resulting in profit space is limited, but in recent years to the rapid growth of the number a year up to 300 million have the scale, it is worth re-development and attention, is a market can not be ignored.
  Xuzheng Hong pointed out that the Shanghai Exhibition China factory white-box handset monthly shipments of about 70-80 million units, is expected to reach one million next level. Chin Wah factory is the largest mobile phone board product line, the proportion of 50%, 25% of car sheet, the other (information, consumer electronics) 25%.
  In addition, Apple's fourth-generation iPhone uses Anylayer of HDI technology (any storey density interconnect), causing the market to discuss. Xuzheng Hong pointed out, Anylayer technology originated in Japan, Yaohua itself has developed seven years, as long as four or more layers of HDI called Anylayer.
  Xu Zhenghong that are short, light and must have a strong functional constraints, in addition to the line more and more dense than, HDI number of layers and thus raise up to Anylayer, the plating and the number of laser drilling of up to 5 times, the capacity-consuming products, in order to Yaohua phone board structure, the current proportion of about 1 order of 15% HDI, 70% stage 2, 3 and 4 rank-order 15%.