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Next five years, the rapid growth of China's MCU market

MCUs market is the largest of its industrial sector. 2010, MCU in China's industrial sector received revenues of $ 783,000,000, mostly from industrial equipment to the great demand for MCUs, especially in information management, data processing and communications sector.
Consumer Electronics MCUs also China's second largest market, the products include: home appliances, televisions, video game consoles, and audio systems. MCUs consumer electronics market in China in the next five years, the annual compound growth rate will increase by 10%.
With the industrial sector and the demand for consumer applications amplification, the Chinese micro-controller (MCU) market sales expected to reach 4.7 billion by 2015, more than 2.8 billion in 2010 above the two-thirds.
The implementation of the Government last year to stimulate growth in the electronics industry spending program to the rapid development of China's MCU market, from 1.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2009 increased by almost 40%. Profits from these programs, coupled with the consumer electronics market and industry profits, will make China's MCU market sales in 2015 reached 4.7 billion, then, the compound annual growth rate will reach 10.9%. Other forms of government support, including the state investment in infrastructure and emerging technologies 600 000 000 000; household appliances and car allowance as well as the stimulus for green technology and so on.
These measures taken by the Government to help China MCU market in 2008 and 2009 slowed the impact of global recession; at this stage, China MCU sales declined by 12%. MCUs in the world 23% decline in sales situations, sales of China's MCU market to its growth has brought great impact.
Uncertain future together again. MCUs in China once again to recover.
Higher-bit MCUs to lead the trend started
China MCU market in the foreseeable future will be the largest market for consumer electronics, data processing and industrial market segments used in the 8-bit devices. However, with higher performance and lower prices with higher-bit MCUs advent of ,8-bitMCUs will gradually lose many of its market share. With frequency conversion technology in household appliances such as green energy and the increase in the utilization of the next few years will benefit from higher-bit MCUs.
Brought the matter to the automotive market prices
Industrial sector and the formation of the Chinese consumer electronics market, the largest market MCU; and China the fastest growing part of the MCU consumes comes from the automotive market, compared to 2009, earnings rose 82%. In 2010, China's auto market has become the world's largest transport sector, China has become the most important production of automotive electronic equipment base, with 20% of global market share.
With many automotive electronic equipment suppliers have begun to create a joint venture in China and design centers, automotive electronics MCU profitability between the 2011-2015 compound annual growth rate will reach 16.5%.