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The successful development of vehicle traveling data recorder

Shenzhen Tang successful completion of the development of vehicle traveling data recorder
    SL6800 series vehicle traveling data recorder (commonly known as "car black box") in full compliance with national standards of GB/T19056-2003 vehicle traveling data recorder, on the basis of the company's first generation of products SL6000 motor vehicle traveling data recorder, in the long term market research, customer demand based on a complete understanding of the development of second-generation vehicle traveling data recorder.
    The SL6800 series vehicle traveling data recorder is divided into six modules of the basic module, display module, printer module, GPS module, GPRS / GSM module, wireless data acquisition module. The six modules can be divided into step installation, greatly improving the flexibility of the product.
    The SL6800 series vehicle traveling data recorder Dimensions of standards for motor vehicles instrument size, easy to install product integration in the vehicle instrument holder.
Product composition >>
  Basic modules: full compliance with national standards GB/T19056-2003 vehicle traveling data recorder. The installation of this module will be able to meet the requirements of national standards.
  Display module: real-time display clock and speed, as well as print, speeding, fatigue alarm.
  Printer module: Print the last 15 minutes of the motor vehicle at any time with average speed, the fatigue driving record, license plate number, vehicle type, driver code, driving license, number printing time information.
  GPS module: subsequent confirmation of the operation of motor vehicles trajectory.
  GPRS / GSM module: Single installation can realize the function call;
   Used in combination with the GPS module real-time return vehicle running track, but also realize the needs instruction issued in the center of the motor vehicle trajectory, passive return the motor vehicle trajectory.
  Wireless data acquisition module: functions involved in data collection can be done automatically without staff.
Wireless data acquisition >> 10s within the auto-complete data acquisition traffic police enforcement without intervention vehicle.