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The domestic switching power industry is the rapid growth

  With the introduction of the global market and the relevant national policies to implement, the the switching power industry in China homeopathy rapid growth.

 Switching power supply is the use of modern power electronics technology, control switch turn-on and turn-off time ratio, to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, switching power supply generally constitute by pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET. With the development of power electronics technology and innovation, so that the switching power supply technology is constantly innovating. Switching power supply to a small, light-weight and high efficiency characteristics widely used in almost all electronic devices, today's electronic information industry, the rapid development of the indispensable power.

 According to the recently released "2012-2016 depth assessment of the switching power supply industry and investment prospects forecast report" shows that since 2010, along with the implementation of a series of national macroeconomic policies and the global economy stabilizing, China's electronic information products showing the rapid recovery of the growth momentum. Switching power industry in China is the flow on the production value reached 117.2 billion yuan, a growth rate of over 10%.

 Switching power supply with its miniaturization, light weight, wide input voltage range, less heat consumption and many other advantages, combined with the compact size electronic products demand trends, the development of the switching power supply rapidly replacing linear power supply to the public in a variety of electronic products in the field.

 Switching power supply products have two categories: one is the standardization of products, and the other non-standardized products. In general, standardized product orders volume is relatively large, gross margin is relatively low, the competition is more fierce. Order quantities of non-standardized products is relatively small, but relatively high gross profit, competition is relatively small. Standardized products are generally not in stock, but the receipt of customer orders improved on the basis of the original product, and ultimately to provide customers with customized products. Unlike mass customization, custom switching power supply is small mass customization, in order to better control costs, which provide low-cost, high-quality custom products to customers quickly. Which requires companies with agile product development and design capabilities and raw materials sourcing capabilities.

 2012-2016 China switching power supply industry in-depth evaluation and investment outlook report also shows custom mainly due to the switching power supply industry, sales orders closely integrated sales behavior occurred before product manufacturing. At the same time, the research and development of standard products to the market and customers to promote actively expanding electronics industry customers to showcase the company R & D capabilities, production scale and quality management capability to become an important means of enterprise sales. Current, switching power supply industry to expand sales channels to participate in trade shows in professional print media industry website promotion and customer recommended mutual and access to high-quality customer resource is the most direct expression of the strength of enterprises.

 In addition, high-frequency switching power supply is the development direction of high-frequency switching power supply miniaturization, and the switching power supply into a wide range of application areas, especially in high-tech fields, and promote the development of the switching power supply forward Every year, more than two-digit growth rate toward the light, small, thin, low-noise, high reliability, the direction of the development of anti-jamming. Switching power supply can be divided into two categories, AC / DC and DC / DC and DC / DC converter is now modularized design technology and production technology at home and abroad have already matured and standardized, and has been recognized by the user, but modular AC / DC, and more complex technology and manufacturing process problems encountered in the process of modular, makes its own characteristics. In addition, the development and application of the switching power supply in energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection are of great significance.