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The Tang case - high frequency of medical diagnostic X-ray machine copy board

  Growing concern in the health problems today, many customers also aimed at the medical equipment, medical equipment is relatively complex, was copied from the board or the whole cloning have a certain degree of difficulty, Tang Technology successfully capturing the high-frequency medical diagnosis X ray machine copy board, Company case library has added a powerful sum.
Product structural features
1, effectively inhibit the amount of pulsation in the high pressure waveform, thereby improving the quality of X rays, to improve the quality of the image, as compared with conventional power frequency X-ray machine to shorten the exposure time, reducing the radiation damage of the medical patients by .
2, using the technology of the high-frequency inverter of the filament heating circuit, which significantly reduced the impact to the tube current inert, the skin effect of the filament was significantly improved, so that the tube current random compensation become possible, thereby improving the accuracy of the tube current.
3 exposure parameters set can in six film parts of fat, thin, child of four typical body type is lateral, composed of all 96 kinds of exposure parameters stored in the controller called for the film, and all exposure parameters by the user according to the user needs to modify storage.
4, the high-frequency inverter using closed-loop control, output stable high pressure. The filament heating circuit design at the same time on different kV and mAs automatically by the microcomputer control system to change the preset value, to improve the stability of the X-ray output, effectively extending the life of the X-ray tube.
5, the anode of the X-ray tube is started, the rotation protection circuit, prolong the life of the X-ray tube.
6, the generator kV, mA free matching, the mAs three parameters work. Console lock three-parameter selection according to the capacity limit of the X-ray tube capacity protection.
7, generator load (exposure) time timer with microprocessor control, precise control.
8, the highest tube voltage 125kV, maximum tube current of 200mA, the maximum output power of 20kW.
Technical parameters:
Power conditions: three-phase a.c380V ± 38V, frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz Capacity: ≥ 24kVA
Maximum tube voltage: 125kV
Maximum tube current: 200mA
Operating frequency: ≥ 30kHz
Photography tube voltage: 40kV ~ 125kV, stepping 1kV
Photography tube current: 16 ~ 200mA, sub-file to adjust
Current time product: 0.5 ~ 320mAs
Maximum output power: 20kW
Shenzhen Tang science and technology in the field of medical devices, has successively tackled copy board of more advanced equipment, advanced equipment from abroad can I also brought tangible benefits to the customer at the same time enhance their own technology.