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ShengTang Technology 2012 PCB copy board the R & D and innovation Road playback

    When the 2012 perfect ending, Samsung become the ultimate winner with the highest market share, to solve the people's hearts in the end Whispering Whose doubts, we also interpret some of the success of the method. It is understood that the Samsung biggest advantage to remain competitive is to have the electronic components of the mobile terminals core processor chips, storage core and LCD panel design and manufacture of force, such as quad-core chip of his own design, which makes Samsung in each hardware configuration or software operating on the leading user experience can be achieved. This successful model as a reference of the domestic electronics industry, will undoubtedly play a role in fueling. The rapid development of the PCB copy board, chip decryption industry, Tang Technology is the independent research and development, innovative design, the way forward.
    Board copy board development road of innovation
    Board copy board technology as an important participant in the transformation of the development of the electronics industry, after decades of development, has formed an amazing transformation. On the basis of the breakthrough in the cottage, has developed a powerful new product can stand on its own, and gradually help the national electronics to get rid of the stereotype of the low-end, cottage. This will undoubtedly bring immense turn will give the Chinese electronics industry, especially in the current technological transformation facing a critical moment. Tang Technology is specialized in the the decryption chip board copy board, electronic design, and production and processing enterprises, the industry very few companies can reach such a high level, ahead of the results has been made not only copy board technology, continues to explore and R & D and explore research and development out of a self-help research and development of innovative road.
    Tang science and technology R & D and innovation widely used
    From a technical point of view, Tang Technologies already has a state-of-the-art copy board, which is mainly due to two technical personnel mining enterprise talent accumulated, composed of the most professional R & D team in the industry, you can break many areas of technical problems; Second, the introduction of advanced equipment, the saying goes, can not make bricks without straw, advanced copy board equipment, hardware essential professional and technical personnel match, in order to achieve the desired standard.
    From the application point of view, Tang has R & D and innovation are widely used in various industries, and successfully developed products play a greater function. For example, in the medical field, the neuromuscular stimulator PCB to board design upgrade, intelligent digital vibration push fat pcb design and copy board; transportation field, portable home car washing machine secondary development and design, automotive electrostatic discharge generator machine cloning generic secondary development; digital area, digital the precision goniometer pcb design and reverse development the NLE HDMI HD monitoring board copy board and software development.
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