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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi battle who will win?

In the field of short-range wireless communications, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a pair of lovers.
  Their first clash in 2009. The year, the Bluetooth SIG released the 3.0 specification, the introduction of new technologies WLAN transmission speeds into the original eight times, which makes Bluetooth to achieve high-speed transmission.
  But the areas of focus in the Wi-Fi WLAN, Bluetooth invade this area is tantamount to moving the Wi-Fi cheese. I do not know, intentionally or not, after six months, Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it will launch a new standard Wi-FiDirect Wi-Fi devices do not need to access the traditional home, office or hotspot network, to achieve mutual connection. This means that the Wi-Fi Bluetooth devices directly connected. For a time there has been speculation, a lot of view the Wi-FiDirect technology means that the end of the Bluetooth technology.
 The Bluetooth SIG react quickly, said Bluetooth 3.0 technology advantages, easier to use. And in 2010 announced Bluetooth 4.0, this distance Bluetooth 3.0 release are only separated by one year, so fast iterative version of Bluetooth, in the past, rare.
  Until 2012, the Bluetooth technology and no decline, the Wi-FiDirect no standard consumer electronics, the even ordinary consumer awareness, Wi-FiDirect still a very jerky term. The confrontation between the two will continue, and who will eventually win had to determination by the market by consumers. Viewpoint, Bluetooth with Wi-FiDirect their own strengths, not replace, the relationship, but rather coexist development.
  Recently, the Bluetooth SIG the global membership development and relations director Tan Wenyue (MarriotWinquist) are positioned such that when interviewed by reporters Bluetooth and Wi-Fi relations: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is not a direct competition between some of the business areas they overlap , but in most areas in terms of not overlap.
  Tan Wenyue example, saying, for example, in the medical field, Wi-Fi, power consumption and power are strong, you need frequent recharging, and also some of the interference of some medical equipment, so in general it is not applicable to the medical field. The most notable feature of the Bluetooth version 4.0 is its low energy consumption. Low power Bluetooth 4.0 support, even if powered by a coin cell battery, use of time can be up to one year, or even longer. In this regard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth no way compared to Bluetooth or some new areas of its own applications. Wi-Fi 802.11ad fact, good security.
 The Wi-Fi Alliance, was announced in September this year start Miracast certification program. The Miracast users can form a connection via Wi-FiDirect browse photographs taken by smart phones, or on the big screen TV the shared notebook screen in real time through the conference room projector, without the need to access any Wi-Fi network - Miracast certified equipment internal has connectivity. This allows the application described in the the Wi-FiDirect White Paper getting closer to reality, for example, through a wireless Miracast certified monitor.
 The Bluetooth SIG Greater China market manager Lvrong Liang (MIKELU), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both distinguish overlapping both learn from each other. Positioning, the positioning of the Bluetooth technology in personal local area network (PAN), and Wi-Fi is a technology in the WAN (wide area network) and PAN middle. Bluetooth transmission technology has become a mobile phone standard in the areas of overlap, the user can easily be paired with other devices use the Wi-Fi network with neighboring bands such as long-range distance plan (LTE) prone to interference, and Bluetooth technology has frequency-hopping technology, to maintain the stability of the signal and confidentiality.
 According to the senior market research firm ABI is expected only in 2012, the world will have 2 billion with a Bluetooth-enabled products entering the market.
Currently, the most well-known to the public by the Bluetooth application Bluetooth headset to Sina Technology Introduction based on Bluetooth, it also has a broader application space, mobile phone, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, sports and fitness has constituted five Bluetooth ecosystem .
  Fact, Bluetooth 4.0 is a specification was synthesized by three Bluetooth specification, are conventional Bluetooth, Bluetooth low-power and high speed Bluetooth technology, the three sizes can be combined or used alone. Compared with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 The most significant feature is the low energy Bluetooth in a competitive market and Wi-Fi power points, and low power consumption is also the matter networking equipment relies This a feature or Bluetooth future development strategic direction.
  This month, the newly appointed board members of the Bluetooth SIG Steven. Gray Dr. (StevenGray), pointed out that the "most critical in the development of the Internet of Things, to nearly 500-100000000000 devices are low-power wireless connectivity technology. Since its inception, the member of the Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth devices total shipments reached nearly 10 billion, far beyond the number of any wireless technology to provide a low-power radio, which also markets natural selection, which will help promote interoperability possibilities. Essentially, Bluetooth low energy consumption wireless technology, the future will be a matter of choice for networking applications. "
  The data show that far more than 70 billion pieces of Bluetooth devices already on the market, and expected by the end of 2012 this figure will reach 90 billion. Wi-Fi, according to estimates, allows Wi-FiDirect to equipment sales in 2011 reached $ 73 million.