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Apple and Microsoft to meet the market of Chinese enterprises Where to Go

  Microsoft and Apple, two major IT giants invariably latest products. The experts pointed out that Microsoft, Apple's new products are to cater to the change of the direction of the market, Chinese enterprises in addition to play to the advantages of localization, but also pay more attention to market demand.
  Windows8 released Chinese market attention
  Microsoft's 26 officially released "Windows8" operating system, which is the most significant upgrade to improve its operating system since Microsoft 17 years ago Windows95. Some analysts believe that the release of the new system, not only about the future of Microsoft, also will have an impact of many consumers use computers.
  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, Win8 combines the advantages of traditional PC and Tablet PC, cognitive break on the PC. , Win8 was the 26th sale worldwide, the current through the Win8 certified PC and Tablet PC products have more than 1000 models.
  It is worth noting that, before the official release of the October 26 Win8 Microsoft in China in advance for consumers and enterprise customers preview new Windows8 hardware devices and applications. Microsoft's senior vice president, Greater China CEO of HE Yue Fu said that Microsoft attaches great importance to the Chinese market, "Windows8 will lead to a new era, and to bring an exciting experience for Chinese consumers, as well as Microsoft partners to create new development opportunities. "
  Microsoft said Chinese developers have successfully submitted a number of application development and Windows application store, which makes Win8 listed the number of global market. High moral map, QQ, Sina microblogging Ctrip Youdao Dictionary familiar names are found in the App Store.
  Assistant Director of market research firm IDC China Personal Systems Research Department, said Wang Jiping, Win8 products with the launch of the last difference is that it is not just the face of PC products, but also the face of the tablet, smart phone, such as a full range of personal IT intelligent terminal .
  IDC believes that the the Win8 listing will enhance personal smart terminal operating system market, Microsoft competitiveness, at the same time will boost short-term growth in personal intelligent terminal market. Long-term, Win8 either consumer or commercial market will play a catalytic role.
Microsoft and Apple are changing the traditional PC to meet market battered
 Two days before the release in Win8 Apple in California released a the product of the small size iPadmini concern. Analysts pointed out that, of small size, low-profile iPad represents Apple's first foray into the low-end market, which is a new shift in Apple's strategy.
  Insiders pointed out that Apple used to be synonymous with premium brand, but now the market pressure of the Amazon Kindle as well as the major brands have begun to return to the public low-cost flat-panel market and to iPadmini reached. Apple conference to announce the 16GB version iPadmini priced at just $ 329, equivalent to about 2000 yuan. This is compared to the previous frequently three or four thousand iPad really a lot cheaper.
  Analysys think tank analyst Li Yanyan iPadmini will obtain a considerable market performance, mainly in the Apple brand advantage, coupled with the low cost of hardware, and content-rich applications and other advantages.
 In the early morning of the 26th, Apple's fourth quarter earnings conference call, iPadmini confirm accept reservations will be held in Hong Kong on November 1, at the same time Apple CEO Cook said iPhone5 will visit the mainland market in December.
  Either Apple or Microsoft, the two companies are in transition to closer and meet market demand. The domestic flat-panel manufacturers E E Fang Li Yong, chief operating officer of the company, which is caused by the change of the tide of the mobile Internet, it's brought about by the development of the demand for portable electronic devices.
 Fang Li Yong said, First of all, the Internet has become habits, mobile Internet to people's online time apart, this objective equipment requirements. The second is the progress of the industry. The lack of suitable operating system, CPU, and a wealth of applications in the past, and now, with the emergence of Andrews and other products have been resolved to popularize the market.
 According to IDC data released by the second quarter of this year, the global PC market, sales growth has been stagnant state shipments last year, a decrease of 0.1% over the same period. Tablet PC market in the second quarter of 2012, global shipments grew 66%.
Chinese enterprises to go?
 The third quarter of 2012, according to data released by Analysys think tank, the Chinese market sold 2.604 million units of the tablet PC. Which, Apple's market share occupied by more than 70%; Lenovo's market share ranked second, accounting for 10%; E E the # 3 market share of 3.6%, the market share of Samsung ranked fourth, accounting for 3.5% .
  Overall, the market share of domestic brands is still low. The experts pointed out that Chinese enterprises must consider to find differences edge localization, such as maintaining close close to the needs of Chinese users.
 Fang Li Yong said, the mobile Internet has brought not just a simple change in the network, but the entire economic, cultural and related industries, the pattern of change. Chinese manufacturers must intensify the reform and transformation, service providers and application providers should pay more attention. Innovation for Chinese enterprises to promote micro, should be a kind of normality, companies need to be innovative, otherwise we can not survive.
 In addition, from the point of view of the national industrial development should pay more attention to the market. Currently, the support of the national industry is still relatively weak. Some research projects also only attach importance to investment in hardware research, production, little funding is used to support the marketing, and we must change this backward way of thinking.