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Mainland IC packaging and testing industry emerging local enterprises

   With the rapid development of the global information network and knowledge-based economy, the semiconductor packaging industry is becoming more and more important in the national economy.

    So far, mainland China has been more than 280 companies to compete in the packaging and testing and related fields. In addition to the world's top 20 semiconductor company optimistic about the mainland market, packaging and testing base their transfer to the mainland, the mainland government also vigorously promote the development of the semiconductor packaging industry, and a priority. Changjiang Electronics Technology, Nantong Huada Tianshui Huatian Huarun Sheng represented by a number of domestic packaging and testing companies in the rapid rise in recent years, expanding and improving the size of the package. And mainland packaging companies made ​​many new developments in new technologies, and gradually extends from the low end of the DIP, QFP, SOP, BGA and other high-end package, especially the stack (3D) packaging technology has been applied to production.