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TI withdraw from the cell phone chip market: the beginning of a new round of reshuffle

  The fast-growing smartphone chip market areas, Texas Instruments, the first retreat, shouted "do not play".
  Texas Instruments has announced that the company's investment focus will shift from the mobile chip broader market, including the supply of products for the car manufacturers and other industrial customers, in order to develop more profitable, more stable performance of the business.
  U.S. market research firm Strategy Analytics, the data show that Texas Instruments in the smartphone chip market share has consistently ranked in the forefront of the market. Texas Instruments' sudden exit, increased competition "active choice" or "passive out" inability to invest? There are signs, indicating smartphone chip industry has begun a new round of reshuffle.
   Texas Instruments first retreat "does not play"
  "Objects of natural selection, survival of the fittest" is not only the laws of biological evolution, but also the basic law of the market competition. Smart mobile device market, Texas Instruments TI OMAP processor design has a high reputation and no small share of the market, as competition intensifies, the market demand is gradually shrinking TI OMAP processor.
   Strategy Analytics released the first half of 2012, global smartphone chip market report shows that Qualcomm accounted for 48% of the revenue market share, ranking first; Texas Instruments rankings thus slipped to fifth in the top three; Samsung, MediaTek , Broadcom breakdown of the second, third and fourth.
  Texas Instruments, market share gradually reduced, rather than the lack of a complete solution related. According to industry sources, TI OMAP processor is a great chip, but has been the lack of a complete 3G and 4G baseband chip, many mobile manufacturers are relatively popular chip manufacturers with a complete solution.
  Texas had already quit the baseband chip market, if only application processor loses a synergistic effect. "China Mobile Alliance Secretary-General Wang Yanhui told Sina science and technology, the application processor market competition is too fierce, Texas Instruments will be difficult maintain a high gross margin, is not conducive to the company's overall financial performance. "
  In the past 10 quarters, Texas Instruments reported a Texas Instruments smartphone chip business, including wireless sector revenue a serious downward trend series operating loss in the first quarter of this year and the second quarter .
  Wang Yanhui embedded chip market, Texas Instruments abandon the application chip market to higher-margin earnings may be more beautiful, but also easier to get recognized by Wall Street.
  IC components electrical Commerce through the core city of Executive Vice President Joseph Chu Chi pointed out that the the Texas Instruments exit quite helpless. Texas Instruments to the high-end smart phone chip market development, it is difficult to Qualcomm, Samsung and other competition; to the development of low-end market, in fact, they compete with MediaTek, Spreadtrum vendors. "
  Amazon disk access, do not fly?
  With Texas Instruments announced its withdrawal from the mobile chip market, the news about the sale of the part of the business is gradually warming. According to the Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist reported on Monday, Amazon is to start negotiations with Texas Instruments's smartphone chip business plans to the acquisition of the latter to enter the field of smart phone chip.
  Amazon Kindle Fire tablet PCs are using the Texas Instruments processor. Some analysts believe that the acquisition may make Amazon better hardware and software vertical integration. Comtech core city executive vice president Joseph Chu Chi endorse this view: "If the acquisition is, in fact, Amazon is not surprising."
  Joseph Chu Chi, hardware and software integration has become the development trend of the industry, and now companies are basically the same software platform, if you want to embody mission alienation, only to seek a breakthrough in the hardware, while the chip is one of the core part. "He said. , On the software side, Amazon has reached with Google   Andriod depth of cooperation, it needs to build a hardware platform.
  Walden International Investment Director the Su Renhong that Amazon does not carry out the acquisition. Microblogging wrote: "A friend asked how to look at the Amazon acquisition of Texas Instruments' mobile chip business rumors? A: Do you believe the supermarkets selling milk, going to grass this?" He believes that Amazon no bigger phone business the acquisition of mobile phone chip business will only be a heavy burden.
Mobile phone chip market accelerated reshuffle
  Along the chip is a need for high investment areas, especially in the competitive smartphone chip market, technology changes rapidly, need more manufacturers to conduct long-term, sustained investment.
   Mainstream smartphone chip single standard, such as WCDMA, CDMA, LTE, but after coming into the 4G era, the mobile phone baseband chip mode full standard may become a trend. In fact, Qualcomm and MediaTek has been conducting related research and development.
  Rockchip Electronics chief marketing officer, said Chen Feng, the baseband chip support full mode full standard will no longer need to carry out research and development for the regional market, which can be shared R & D costs. He believes that the future of this chip will be mainly used in the field of high-end mobile phone chip, probably in the low-end mobile phone chip field to a single standard chip-based.
  iSuppli semiconductor chief analyst Gu Jun (microblogging), such trends will bring some reality to the baseband chip R & D: First, the R & D costs increase; Second, the higher requirements of a patent. "This basically means that the only giant companies can participate in the competition on the market, the future may be only 2-3 companies."
Strategy Analytics data shows that the first half of 2012, global smartphone chip market size to reach $ 5.5 billion, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, Broadcom, Texas Instruments and other companies monopolize most of the market share of only about 10% left to other manufacturers .
  Faced with the grim industrial development trend, the domestic mobile phone chip corporate development in the case of lack of funding, too few high-level personnel, patent missing more optimism. However, this does not stop Hass and other vendors of Spreadtrum and Huawei's active in the low-end smartphone market arena.
  Wang Yanhui, the domestic smartphone chip manufacturers lagged behind the U.S. and European companies, is still in the follow stage. "The future in the high-end smart phone chip market, the U.S. and European companies will form a monopoly, but at the low end of the market, domestic enterprises is still a big market space."
  China, Africa and other emerging markets is the transition to the era of smart phones from feature phones, this is a huge opportunity. The face of the current opportunities and challenges, domestic enterprises must survive, thus improving the technology to compete, a chance to have gained a seat in the smartphone chip market.