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PC industry decline spread to the chip manufacturers:Intel AMD struggling

  PC manufacturers to bear the brunt in the context of overall shrinking of the traditional PC industry, and chip manufacturers are closely linked with them in fact can not be immune.
  The market research firm IHS iSuppli released a report last Wednesday, expected 2012 global PC sales will decline for the first time since 2001. This performance has been showing a downward trend in the PC manufacturers is tantamount to a huge blow.
  PC makers is difficult to get by, the days of the traditional PC chip maker was not much better. Occupy 80% share of the PC chip market, Intel hopes to launch substantive strategy for ultra-extreme hold this sunset industry, but the results are poor; another chip company AMD situation is even more embarrassing, almost unable to provide any deal with changes in the industry, only way layoffs farther and farther.
  PC decline spread to the chip manufacturers
  The report released last week by market research firm Gartner and IDC, the world's third-quarter global PC sales fell more than 8%. Addition to shipments of Lenovo and Asus both companies can maintain growth in these PC makers, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Acer and other manufacturers have suffered a substantial decline.
  PC industry decline because, on the one hand, the global economic downturn, some consumers wait for Windows8 released suspend buying behavior, on the other hand the majority of consumers turn to smartphones and tablet PCs and other mobile Internet products, while the latter is the most important reasons.
  The market research firm IHS iSuppli released a report last Wednesday, the global PC sales expected in 2012 to approximately 348.7 million units, a 1.2% decline over 2011. If this figure is to become a reality, this will be the global PC shipments fell for the first time since 2001. The decline of this industry for the business is mainly in the PC market, Intel and AMD could be a fatal blow.
  In July of this year, as the PC industry leader Intel cut its revenue growth is expected in 2012, down from the original nearly 10% to 3-5%. AMD recently than the second quarter, the company's third-quarter revenue is expected to decline by about 10%, the chain fell less than previously expected 1% (plus or minus 3 percentage points).
Performance declined despite the headache, the two companies facing difficulties antidote is the more serious problem.
  Intel: defensive poor offensive weakness
  Intel has always been the dominant vendor of the PC chip the Wintel alliance with Microsoft was firmly in control of the entire PC industry for decades. However, with the advent of the post-PC era, Intel seems to have lost the ability of the dominant chip market, helplessly witnessing smart phones and tablet PCs become mainstream form, and gradually changed people's way of life.
  Mobile chips has grown into an important battlefield, but on the battlefield, Intel completely backward in Qualcomm, Samsung and other manufacturers. But Intel is not standing still, expand Strikes Back.
  In order to cope with the impact of the Tablet PC, Intel proposed the concept of ultra-extreme, Tablet PC and laptop experience this fusion product can resist the impact of the Tablet PC. Over most of this, Intel also set up a fund size of $ 300 million for investment or joint development of hardware and software vendors to develop ultra-extreme products and technologies.
  In the beginning of the introduction of ultra-extreme, Intel CEO Paul? Otellini (Paul Otellini) has said that the 2012 super pole this will be the consumer notebook market sales accounted for 40% of the market share. Ideal fullness can not cover up the backbone of the reality.
  Barclays Capital in September, the latest research report showed that total sales in the second quarter of this year, laptop, only 5% of the proportion of ultra-extreme. Market research firm IDC data may be leaving Intel embarrassed, statistics, according to the agency, in the first half of 2012, global ultra-extreme shipments only 500,000 units, estimated this year the year at most, 100 million units, while global notebook sales it is expected to reach 220 million units.
  Over most of this ill-begotten, in fact, caused by a variety of factors. First PC makers in the mentality of ultra-pole of the doubts about the various tentative launch several products, the most important is the high prices to discourage consumers.
  Intel in PC chip "defensive" strategy ineffective, "offensive" strategy in the mobile space is actually no improvement. In the field of smart phones, Intel has not been able to continue cooperation relationship like with Microsoft in the PC area, but turned to the Andriod platform, and soon launched several products with Lenovo, Motorola Mobile company.
  In fact, Intel smartphone chip can not afford to compete with the ARM camp of Qualcomm, Samsung and other manufacturers. About the smartphone market research report, market research firm Strategy Analytics, Intel global smart phone in the first half of the year accounted for 0.2% of the shipments of chips.
Intel stressed that its smartphone strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. The market is a touchstone, Intel subjected to torment live "back seat" ride.
  In fact, compared with the difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the smart phone chip, ultra-extreme market performance is far below the expected blow for Intel. The capital markets are not optimistic about Intel's growth prospects, a few days ago, a number of analysts cut their rating on the stock, resulting in the company's share price hit a 52-week low.
  AMD: Results the bad prospects more unpredictable
  If Intel uncertainty, AMD's prospects and the status quo can be used "bad" to describe. This company has been living in the shadow of Intel, not only performance worse, the outlook is unpredictable.
  Because there is no aim to succeed in the fast-growing mobile chip market, AMD former CEO Dirk Meyer (Dirk Meyer) board ousted. Subsequently, AMD provoke former Lenovo Group COO Luorui De (Rory Read) as CEO. Luorui De thrown after taking office three ambitious plan: cloud computing, low-power, emerging markets.
  In for popular Tablet PC and smart phone field, Luorui De has said that AMD will give priority to the implementation of the three strategic cloud computing, low power consumption, and emerging markets. "We believe that after the successful completion of the above-mentioned areas of focus, to explore other opportunities."
  But plans to keep up with changes. Because, AMD revenue in the second quarter of this year, the chain fell 10%, less than expected sales channels in China and Europe market strategy focus on emerging markets, which make it a hit. However, the worst case continues.
  AMD last week released preliminary financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2012. The report shows that AMD third quarter revenue is expected to decline by approximately 10% over the second quarter, less than the company had expected the chain fell 1%. Anonymous sources said AMD will announce this week that the company staff reductions of 20% to 30%.
  AMD currently employs a total of 1.17 million people, which means that the number of layoffs will be 2,300 to 3,500. If this is true, then the major layoffs since served as CEO since Luorui De AMD second. 11 months ago, AMD announced the layoff of 10%, equivalent to approximately 1400 employees.
  The impact of the profit warning and layoff rumors, AMD shares fell sharply in the trading day on Friday plunged 14% to close at $ 2.74, a record low for three years.
  In addition, AMD is still facing executives huge loss predicament, the former CFO Thomas? Pacific Coast Feather (Thomas Seifert) left in the last month. According to unofficial statistics, Pacific Coast Feather 26 departing executives since Luorui De appointed AMD CEO.
  Quickly to reverse the trend of decline in performance, Luo Ruide available options. If you can not open source, then he can only choose the throttle - layoffs. Strategic weakness, lose morale under AMD woeful.
Win 8 hard into a straw
  Although the entire PC industry in the doldrums, but it is not without a little good news. October 26, Microsoft officially released Windows 8 operating system, which makes the entire PC industry chain are looking forward to Intel and AMD, which of course is also an opportunity to.
  Windows 8 tablet computer of a dedicated processor Intel at the end of September Ling move Z2760 and get the support of Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, ZTE and other OEM manufacturers of expected to at least 20 models based on the Z2760's plate The computer is in preparation. Immediately after Intel, AMD last week announced codenamed "Hondo" dual-core Tablet PC chip Z-60, into the Windows 8 Tablet PC market.
  Windows 8 in the extent to which boosted fourth quarter PC market data is still a problem. Market research firm Gartner believes that Microsoft Windows 8 is a gamble, same applies for PC makers, Intel and AMD.
  The U.S. FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig? Berg (Craig Berger) believe that the next several quarters, more than Intel, all the vendors in the PC market on the ecological chain will encounter risks. PC chip-related stocks are already low, but within the period of time in the future, without any significant factors that can stimulate the field stocks rose.
  The general trend of mobile Internet has been difficult to stop, standing on the crossroads of the new opportunities, Windows 8 can reverse the decline of the traditional PC industry, remains unclear. However, it is undeniable that the traditional PC chip makers have been standing on a downward track.