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Mainland China's anti-Japanese sentiment usher in a switch to a single LED Taiwan plant

  The anti-Japanese sentiment in China, has heated up the electronics industry in Taiwan made the switch to a single benefit. Epistar, Formosa Epitaxy LED industry to benefit from the significant increase in mainland local TV Factory, LED pull goods strong force, revenue is expected to better-than-expected in September; manufacturers of Japanese semiconductor integrated device (IDM) acceleration of ASE and other Taiwan IC packaging and testing industry to release a single.

  BEIJING, reported the continent's anti-Japanese sentiment, resulting in a large drop in sales of Japanese brands.

  A large home appliance chain enterprises statistics, Toshiba, Sanyo, Panasonic, Sharp and other Japanese TV, August sales in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Toshiba, Sanyo fell more than 40% more than the recession in at least two percent in July . Since August the top three the Guangzhou TV brand sales from previous Samsung, Sony and Sharp, converted to Samsung, Skyworth, TCL, two mainland local brands.

 Mainland TV plant sales surge, pushing up the LED backlight demand, but because of the warming of the anti-Japanese sentiment, local LED packaging factory system factory originally prepared orders to Japanese Nichia grain orders, has now turned to the Taiwan plant, including Epistar, Formosa Epitaxy, East Bay, Lunda, Chiun, etc., have been feeling the switch to a single effect.

 LED Industry revealed that the mainland energy subsidies policy to push up local LED six TV brand new models stocking increased demand, Distribution prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival to November holiday, warming as the anti-Japanese sentiment in the mainland, the mainland brand color TV demand increase, Taiwan LED related manufacturers in the fourth quarter operations continued to look pretty. Japanese semiconductor IDM companies accelerated release single on Taiwan IC packaging and testing industry. ASE director, said Japan the IDM plant previously suffering from the pain of the appreciation of the yen, the continent is now fierce anti-Japanese sentiment, greater pressure to accelerate the release of outsourcing orders is an inevitable trend, ASE has won Toshiba dispersion component orders future through Shandong the Weihai plant and Taiwan factory, took the package shipments.

 On the other hand, the Diaoyutai dispute caused by continental anti-Japanese riots continue to spread, October 1st the Tianjin Motor Show has asked the Japanese depot stop exhibitors and Thai reinvestments Where to Buy in mainland China has been flying the five-star flag to protect themselves, margin-day car reinvestment Dongfeng Nissan large-scale activities have been suspended in the big cities.

 Supermarkets aspects, Shanghai 7-ELEVEN continuation paste bulletin proclaiming descent from Taiwan. Family Mart convenience store, chairman of Pan Jin Ding said, that inland branches of the few cities in the anti-Japanese protests, a few days ago to suspend business, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major regions still normal business.