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2012's most globally competitive Chinese companies

  Chinese enterprises "going out" after nearly 30 years. For a long time, the majority of Chinese enterprises habit "native" and "overseas" is divided into two entirely different area, the stronghold of the "native" as management, decision-making and research and development, the definition of "overseas" new space for the development of resources and sales . Significantly enhanced with their own products and competitive in recent years, many Chinese enterprises started truly global resource allocation and layout, to obtain the overall competitiveness by "going out", achieve from "internationalize" to " globalization changes.

GCC 2012 "Top 20" list the most globally competitive Chinese companies

  In 2011 the world economy has not yet fully recovered, the enthusiasm of the globalization of Chinese enterprises as ever, remains high. With stable domestic economic development situation, a large number of Chinese companies by foreign investment, to meet the funding needs of the various regions of the world; also seek broader global resources, more advanced management, more leading-edge technology and huge customer base. The challenges of integration constantly achievements at the same time, Chinese enterprises have to face in the path of globalization, policy, personnel, brand, consumer demand, corporate culture, mergers and acquisitions, as well as social responsibility.

  "Global Entrepreneur" magazine and the management consulting firm Roland Berger has been concerned about the globalization of Chinese enterprises for the seventh consecutive year. Through the annual selection of the most globally competitive Chinese companies, the background of a global market, considering the performance and the process of globalization of Chinese enterprises in the global market. In the past year, Chinese companies continue to cut a striking figure on the international stage in a fierce competition to grow and develop, even in some areas to become the king of the subdivision; brilliant the other side is the new thinking brought us: and truly global leaders compared to the strength of Chinese enterprises in what position?

  Therefore, at the current selection, not only between Chinese enterprises appraisal has even elected leader, their industry, the world's leading multinational companies on the standard research to try in the world on the stage, and tap the true strength and weaknesses of the Chinese enterprises, and to see the opportunities and risks of the former carriageway road; Walker booster, is also to learn from.

  50, 2012 Special alternative enterprises from more than a dozen different industries. Which energy resource industries (electricity / energy / chemical, steel / non-ferrous metals) occupy a total of more than a quarter of the seats in the number of Chinese companies continue to lead globalization; appliances, construction machinery and equipment manufacturing, integrated , as well as a considerable number of enterprises in the electronics industry, a total occupy 40% to become the backbone of globalization.

  Judging from the income scale, a more uniform distribution of the 50 shortlisted companies: 2011 overall revenue in between the 1000000000-10000000000 of 10, 16, between 10 billion to 50 billion from 50 billion to 100 billion 10 home, more than 100 billion 14. This also reflects the current selection of the shortlisted companies choose enterprise size no absolute correlation.

The overall performance of the foreign investment

  According to the statistics released by UNCTAD, the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises in 2011 remain a considerable scale, the total flow of $ 65.1 billion, ranked nine in the world, the proportion of nearly 4% share of global flows ($ 1,694,400,000,000). But should also be noted that in the global foreign investment flows to keep rising at the same time, China's foreign investment flows slightly declined, down 5%, which is the first decline since 2003.

 Chinese enterprises to invest overseas traffic the scale slightly weakened, may have the following four reasons:

  The world's overall economic situation changes: Europe and the United States economy and the debt crisis to the current world economy has brought greater uncertainty, which makes Chinese enterprises to go out watching hesitate.

 Second, the rise of investment protectionism: some emerging economies, such as Latin America, the investment of state-owned enterprises in China showed a wariness in some sensitive areas, such as the mining industry, the increase in land acquisitions of new controls and restrictive measures, access environment compared to the previous step backward.

 Third, the irrational investment structure: facing barriers to overseas investment, state-owned enterprises accounted for more than 2/3 of the number of foreign-invested enterprises, low investment proportion in developed countries, are to be solved.

 Place for investment environment is unstable: 60% of the stock of China's foreign direct investment, foreign laborers Nearly nine basic focus in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, many countries in these areas of war, terrorist attacks, social security , the lack of ethnic and religious conflicts, legal uncertainties; instability of the social and political environment in the host country to the scale of investment in the growth.

 Nevertheless, the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises are still made remarkable achievements.

 Revenue and earnings

  The shortlisted companies income to continue its rapid growth, but profit growth by industry differences.

  From 2010 to 2011, the the research overall average revenue growth rate of 28%; compared to the 2007-2010 average annual compound growth rate of 19% has been a large leap. By industry, electronics, steel / non-ferrous metals, construction machinery industry on behalf of the enterprise to achieve above-average growth. In particular, the growth of the electronics industry and even exceeded the overall growth rate doubled, the growth of the global consumer electronics market, the rapid growth of the overseas operations of the above companies, is one of the main factors. In 2011, the shortlisted companies an average profit margin of 12%, has gone up 9% over 2010 levels.

  Enhance the overall degree of internationalization. From the revenue structure, the degree of internationalization of the 2011 alternative enterprises has improved. The overall overseas income share rose from 22% in 2010 to 27%; international level in most of the industry has improved significantly, especially in information technology / software, engineering machinery, household appliances and other industries to enhance the magnitude.

  The overseas business has become the overall growth momentum. Previous overseas investment began to bring large-scale income, the degree of internationalization upgrade, and a good part of the industry, the market growth trend, most options 2011 enterprises overseas business growing faster than the overall business growth. The average growth rate of overseas operations (60%) more than the average business growth (29%) and even more than doubled. Overseas operations to be driven by the power of the overall business growth. Outstanding overseas business growth of the industry including: electronics, engineering machinery, equipment manufacturing, retail (which is the "other" category).