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ARM: expected chip sales in the second half of the year in the doldrums

   ARM CEO Warren East said that ARM has been suspended as chip sales may slow in the second half of this year, part of the recruitment program.

   ARM chip design for the Apple iPhone and many other mobile products. ARM expects chip sales in the second half of this year will not be substantial growth in the previous years. In the first half of this year, the ARM many customers chip sales are relatively sluggish.

   Typically, chip sales in the third quarter and the fourth quarter of each year is the strongest, because many consumers choose to buy tablet PCs and smart phones during the Christmas holidays. This year was no exception, and many new products will be released in the next month, including the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet PCs and the Apple iPhone 5.

   East pointed out, many industry insiders believe that due to the economic downturn postponed consumers to buy digital products, chip sales in the second half of this year will not be very high. "Many chip manufacturers, said chip sales in the second half of the year will be significant growth."

   ARM vendors charge a license fee to use its chip design and obtain revenue, the company's second-quarter results exceeded analysts' expectations, which stands in stark contrast to competitors such as Intel and Qualcomm, after the two companies have been released profit warning, said chip sales in the second half of the year will be very sluggish.

   Fearing difficult sales situation in the second half of the year, ARM suspended part of the recruitment program for the second half of the year. In the past three years, due to the expansion in areas such as the server and TV, ARM recruited each year about 200-250 engineers.

   Cisco expects the Internet traffic will reach the current four times in the next four years. This means that at the same time, will also be significant growth in the number of devices. ARM technology is expanding to other areas outside of the phone, such as servers.

   ARM is developing a new type of micro-processor technology, can be used for a variety of sensors, and then integrated into appliances and medical equipment, and other equipment.