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Special plan for the introduction of the new display technology Twelfth Five

On September 9, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a new display technology development "second five" special plan "and" the development of high-performance membrane materials technology "12th Five-Year" special plan ". Secondary market, related concepts listed companies "heard the news" have surged.

High-performance film industry was a key support

High performance membrane materials technology development "Twelve Five" special plan "," Twelfth Five-Year "period, will achieve our film technological development in the field of" three promotion, a perfect overall objective. Enhance the capability of independent innovation, enhance industrial competitiveness, and enhance resource conservation, the contribution of environment-friendly society, and improve the innovation system. Expected in 2015, the high-performance film industry will reach a thousand billion. In the promotion of the above-mentioned objectives, "planning" basic research, industrialization of key technologies, demonstration of integrated applications, as well as innovative platform to build four key tasks.

According to reports, the high-performance membrane materials is the core material of the new efficient separation technology, has become one of the common technology to solve the major issues in the field of water resources, energy, environment. In recent years, high-performance film industry on a global scale are highly valued, and many governments to develop a research and development program to promote the development of of membrane materials technology and industry. Currently, the world's high-performance membrane materials forward high-performance, low-cost and green direction, membrane technology for energy conservation, the upgrading of the industrial structure, to protect the safety of drinking water, and to reduce environmental pollution could be enhanced significantly.

From the secondary market stocks yesterday's performance, "planning" is mentioned as a key industrial technology research desalination film battery filmic concept strongest reaction. Fosu in multiple high-performance optical film lithium battery separator film field layout are sealed in the daily limit, and was ascribed the Tianjin membrane technology also close to the limit because of their years of hard work in the field of water purification membrane material while optimistic about the market.

In the field of water resources, "planning", the key breakthroughs in desalination using high-performance reverse osmosis membrane, water purification nanofiltration membrane and wastewater treatment with membrane bioreactor scale dedicated film material preparation techniques to address the constraints of our national economy water shortages and drinking water safety issues of sustainable development, including the material of high-performance reverse osmosis membrane, high flux nanofiltration membrane material and membrane biological reactor (MBR) dedicated film material.

According to the the subsidized film technology disclosed in the 2012 annual report, the first half of the company is speeding up the composite thermally induced phase separation method high-performance PVDF hollow fiber membrane and desalination research and development outfit, and further expand the company's technology advantage, rich product structure, strengthen the competitive advantage of the company's products MBR applications, at the same time, promote the the membrane desalination pretreatment membrane module and equipment in China.

It is worth mentioning that the "Plan" proposed "cultivate leading enterprises, and strive to listed companies reached more than ten; layout of a number of film industry gathering area to promote cluster innovation." Reporter learned from relevant channels, high-performance film industry group The building will be around the current focus of the company to the layout of representatives of industry groups in Tianjin, Tianjin membrane technology is expected to become by virtue of the current status of the industry.

Lasers and 3D display "gold" machine flashed

The new display technology development "12th Five-Year" special plan ", to 2015, the display industry chain added output value of over 500 billion yuan; enterprises as the mainstay, and to establish an efficient system for technological innovation, construction of industrialization demonstration base form the core of a number of new display products patents and national and industry standards, training and technology R & D platform, several leading direction leading talent and innovation team.

The plan pointed out, the show will focus on the development of laser and common key technologies, such as 3D display, and ultimately have complete control of the laser display, 3D display active organic light-emitting displays, active electronic paper display and field emission display technology to promote mobile Internet terminal display industrial development, cultivate a number of leading enterprises and industrial clusters LCD and plasma display.

From the capital market, planning mentioned laser 3D display technology concept most investors blitz. 3D display technology research and development in small and medium size, has been a long time investment, Shen Tianma A morning was ascribed rose 7.75%, and ultimately to close at 8.75 yuan, up 7.63%; Fu Jing Technology, Han's Laser both the performance, engaged in research and development for many years in the field of laser.

From a global point of view, the technology is now co-exist in a variety of technical route, the industry has developed rapidly in the golden stage, cathode ray tube display has basically quit the stage of history, lasers and 3D display will be the next mainstream display technology. In China, the laser is most likely leading international level display technology, 3D display is the most viable and will eventually become a common platform for the next generation of display technology, display technology.

In this context, the planning of the urgent needs of industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the application of new display will point to an area, driven by industrialization demonstration.

Concern that the Ministry of Science and Technology website yesterday also announced a new generation of laser display technology engineering development of key projects "10000 lumens laser projector industrialization of key technologies," Branch Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., as borne passed technical inspection . The subject laser theater more than 19 sets of 10,000 lumens and engineering projector sales, and formed the production capacity of an annual output of 100 stations.

According to the investigation, the listed companies Devco the video with Chitec joint venture as Dewey is the implementation of the main project. Dewey the video had been focused on the private network Screen communications projector laser display industry, the future will be to promote the new product.