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22 industries released 36 Rules for the Implementation of new private economy contrarian growth

 June 29, with the introduction of the National Tourism Administration to encourage and guide the implementation of the views of the private capital investment, tourism, thus, early this year, the State Council called for the introduction of 36 "New Rules for the Implementation all be published finished.
"The new 36" Rules for the Implementation Ruqierzhi
  Coming to an end in the first half of the number of ministries intensive introduction of related industries "36 Rule".
  According to the press statistics, the various ministries issued a total of 22 "36" Rules for the Implementation.
  Intended to encourage private capital, "36" non-public economy in 2005, released by the State Council, and now, the sound, which lasted seven years, called to encourage private capital has been.
  In February of this year, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that, "36" is not implemented, the private capital into the encounter "glass door", "Spring Gate", "must take the first half of this year, the implementation details worked out.
  In the subsequent meeting of the National "two sessions", the implementation of the new 36 voices once again focused on showing. Many of the NPC, in motion, proposals, suggestions to encourage private capital.
  Subsequently, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, coming to an end in the first half of the number of ministries intensive introduction of related industries "36 Rule". In this process, both the sound in question, there are some applause.
Private capital are most concerned about is that these new policies, can really break open the private capital to enter the glass doors of some of the "special industry".
To this end, the Beijing News select the most concern to the industry, has been widely mentioned in the "two sessions", is also well known private capital into hard financial banking and energy sectors as the observed samples, trying to study, "36" Rules for the Implementation truly as originally envisioned, as to allow private capital to break through the glass doors.
  Economic slowdown, "36"
  Since the beginning of 2012, China's economy faced downward pressure increase, the State Council called for highlighting the "steady growth" once again proposed to encourage private capital into the railways, telecommunications, energy and other fields.
  The introduction of the "new 36", and the macroeconomic environment, there may be a causal relationship.
  2010 in order to cope with the international financial crisis, more importantly, is to uphold and improve the basic economic system of the primary stage of socialism, a long-term strategy for improving the socialist market economic system, the State Council promulgated the "healthy development of the State Council to encourage and guide private investment a number of observations, known as the "new 36".
Into 2012, China's economic growth is slowing down.
 The "two sessions" on the eve of Premier Wen Jiabao at Zhongnanhai hosted the fifth forum, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the community on the Government Work Report (draft) ", clearly again, the promotion of private capital into the the fields of finance, energy, transport and social undertakings, not only can ease the difficulties of economic development, but also to promote the development of the whole cause. Wen Jiabao stressed that the first half of this year, all departments must the introduction of the "new 36" specific implementation advice.
 The second quarter, increasing pressure of economic downturn. May before the profits of industrial enterprises above designated size was 1.8434 trillion yuan, cumulative year-on-year decline of 2.4 percent year on year decline of 5.3 percent in the month of May. Which state-owned enterprises effectiveness deteriorated significantly, joint-stock enterprises with foreign investment earnings narrowed qoq. The central rate of the earnings data also shows that operating income growth, but profits are down significantly, highlights the central enterprises to cost pressures.
 SASAC issued a special document, the central enterprises to do cost reduction and efficiency, and to alert the central enterprises to do 3-5 years over the winter to prepare.
May 23, the State Council executive meeting held in the current economic situation has put forward the "steady growth" in a more prominent position, and to promote the "12th Five-Year" major project implementation on schedule, to start a number of the overall situation, drive and strong major projects, and raised again to encourage private capital into the railways, telecommunications, energy and other fields.
The trend growth of the private economy
 In the context of economic downturn, the private economy vigor unabated trend growth, private enterprise in the first four months this year, total profits increased by 20.6%
The data show that in the context of economic downturn, the private economic vitality diminished. The total profit of the society as a whole decreased by 1.6% in the first four months of this year. State-owned and state holding enterprises decreased by 9.9%, foreign, Hongkong and Taiwan-funded enterprises decreased by 13.2%, but private enterprises increased by 20.6%.
 Distributed with the state-owned economy in the important areas of telecommunications, energy, infrastructure, the private economy are distributed in a fully competitive industry, the individual small-scale, but it has become an important force in China's economic growth.
  The private economy is not only an important symbol of China's reform and opening up, has become the main body of the market economy.
  According to the National Federation of the survey data, the contribution of the private economy of China's GDP has more than 60%, the number of firms account for more than 70 percent of the country, cities and towns more than 85 percent of new jobs, more than 90 percent of rural transfer of employment from the private economy . 65% of China's technological innovation, 75% of the patents, 80% of new products by the private economy to achieve.
  By encouraging private capital investment, on the one hand, private capital investment to open up new space for development, increasing investment demand; the other hand, private capital has its own dynamic, smaller scale, it may circumvent the large-scale projects to invest some serious excess capacity, from creating an effective demand for investment.
  Expand space for development of private economy, increasing market competition, have a direct positive effect on the "steady growth".
The new 36 crack part of the "glass doors"
  Development and Reform Commission proposed to break hinder private capital into the glass door, swinging door, thinking, "36" implementation details and some bright spots, such as the restructuring of rural banks of a small loan company to limit further release .
  "Glass door", "Spring Gate" has been hindered private capital to enter into an important industry, the two doors. Therefore, with regard to the implementation of the rules promulgated as the lead department of the State Development and Reform Commission said, to break the glass door, swinging door "implementation details" key is to relax the market access, and to stimulate private investment in energy. "
 Up to now, more than a dozen departments of the Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry, the CBRC, the SASAC, the National Energy Board, the Ministry of Land and Resources, etc. are introduced related to the implementation of views. For example, the CBRC has also relaxed the restrictions of small loan company into a village bank, the Bureau of Energy, to encourage private capital to participate in oil and gas pipeline projects, provides that where not prohibited by law, all energy projects should be included in the planning of private enterprises. Wenzhou private financial reform pilot forward.
  There are also some concern the development of private capital, the implementation of the rules is not enough "force", there are some practical problems to be solved. For example, some industry price mechanism in place, and also difficult to attract private capital participation in investment earnings outlook.
The analysts believe that the future also need to further rationalize the price mechanism to let the market mechanism to really play the fundamental role of private capital investment in these industries profitable.
  For the specific situation and problems of power, railways, finance, oil and other industries, it should be, respectively, in-depth study and exploration, to effectively separate the natural monopoly and competitive sectors, breaking down trade barriers, government administrative barriers, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. Stressed that the natural monopoly aspects of the state capital led to clarify the costs, strengthen supervision, and release in the competitive aspects of the private economy. In addition, the approval system, the Government should be treated equally, to minimize the approval process, easing the burden for enterprises to create and maintain fair market competition environment.
  The development of private capital for these New Deal, some of the concerns reflected by people must adhere to state-owned assets "," trust barrier "and other issues not yet effective solution to the banking, energy and other industries.