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Wave 50 billion to build high-end IC Industrial Park

  Officially founded as the first comprehensive bonded area of ​​Jinan approved a major project, the wave of IC industrial park on the 25th. It is reported that the project is the first high-end IC industry park in Shandong Province with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. Upon completion, it is expected that the annual sales income of 10 billion yuan, will become the world's advanced level of the IC R & D centers and large-scale chip production base.
  Wave integrated circuit industry Park Jinan comprehensive Free Trade Zone, approved the first major project, and will enjoy the various policies of the National Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and reduce the IC raw materials, products, equipment transport and storage costs, and accelerate capital flow and logistics operation efficiency. The project occupies a total area of ​​295 acres, planning a total investment of 5 billion yuan, annual output of 600 million after the completion of high-end chip, the annual sales income of 10 billion yuan, total profit and tax 10 million yuan. Among them, a large-scale high-end chip packaging and testing plant construction area of ​​38,000 square meters, total investment 750 million yuan, is expected to be completed and commissioned by the end of 2013.
  Park is completed, will form a covering chip design research and development, wafer fabrication, more complete, including packaging and testing, raw materials and production equipment for the IC industry chain, with the world advanced level in the IC R & D centers and large-scale chip production base . But also for the wave of their own in the cloud core equipment --- server, storage, cloud products to achieve chip-level R & D and manufacturing capabilities provide a strong support.
  More importantly, the project will promote the construction of Shandong Province and Jinan City, the formation of a complete IC industrial chain, play a strong talent, technology, capital and industrial agglomeration effect, to create the leading domestic and international advanced microelectronics industry base, speed up Integrated Circuit Industry in Shandong Province "triple jump" to form a strong support for the provinces and cities in strategic emerging industries and high-tech industry development and growth.
Reporter has learned that as early as the August 2009 financial crisis, the wave of 30 million yuan, "Adversity" The acquisition of Qimonda R & D center in China to have a complete R & D team of the world's advanced level, equipment and first-class products design technology experience. Based on the design capacity of memory chips become more mature and industry needs, the wave of the second acquisition of Qimonda assets, the construction of China's first high-end (FBGA) memory IC packaging and testing production line in 2011, first in China to integrate high-end memory IC design and IC packaging and testing manufacturing industries, initially set up the complete integrated circuit memory chip design, chip manufacture and chip applications including industrial chain.
  As the "food" in the information industry, the memory occupied by more than 1/4 of the IC industry output. China's annual imports of IC chips up to over $ 150 billion, beyond the iron ore and oil to become the largest volume of imports of products. The wave of groups, the official said, the current monopoly situation, a small number of foreign enterprises on the integrated circuit core technology to form a very unfavorable situation of China's electronic information industry, information security and the national economy. Through independent research, the wave of mergers and acquisitions of the development of memory and other high-end integrated circuit industry, both to meet the growing domestic market demand, but also to provide protection for national security, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
  The same day, by the wave of groups to the construction of the "national high-performance server and storage technology Key Laboratory of" construction projects in the tide of Science and Technology Park of Jinan High-tech Zone was officially launched. The R & D building up to 150 meters, with a total investment of 3.1 billion yuan, of which 800 million yuan of investment in infrastructure, equipment and R & D conditions to invest 2.3 billion yuan. The platform is expected to put into use in the end of 2014, will become a world-class R & D conditions of IT R & D, experimental platform, the future will be the focus on cloud computing core equipment, the cloud platform, three levels of cloud applications to expand R & D research, a comprehensive upgrade of cloud Calculate the level of technology.