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Kinsus IC substrates market no pressure with the industry to bargain

  Application in the market for mobile phone IC substrate industry continued expansion moves the market to worry about whether they will lead to price wars, for which the IC substrate makers Kinsus (3189), about 7-8% annual growth rate of the IC carrier board market, althoughopponents continued expansion of the action, but prices stable, and no bargain to grab a single pressure immediately.

  The beginning of the year, the world's top three mobile phone chip carrier board supplier Ibiden announced the third quarter of this year in the Philippines factory, massive increase in production capacity, the speed of the current expansion has been slowing down, Kinsus present there is no too much of a price war pressure.

  In the Kinsus the current product line, applications in the field of base stations accounting for the proportion of 25% of the FC CSP proportion of about 30-35% compared to the traditional part of the IC substrate.

  FC BT and FC the ABF part in the field of the base station, including the customers of this area is highly concentrated; and the CSP part of the FC, the next few years Kinsus growth center of gravity; in other application markets, the full-year needs of the field of memory card flat part of the SSD performed well in the first half, but the base has overestimated demand and in the second half flat.

  As for the NB / MB is still a loss printed circuit board company BOARDTEK (Kinsus holding 51%) part of Q1 Kinsus recognized the loss of approximately 120 million yuan, of Q2 BOARDTEK utilization rates increased to 70% of the level estimates Q2 loss narrowed, BOARDTEK current monthly capacity of 3 million square foot / month, this year's goal is to work capacity were filled, estimated utilization rate of up to 80% loss level.