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Naka commented on South Korea circuit board market

  South Korea's PCB production value in 2011 is estimated to have reached about $ 7.38 billion, compared with an increase of over 10% in 2010. Few PCB manufacturers to poor performance, such as: LG Innotek (its parent company, mobile phone market performance) and COF carrier board manufacturers STEMCO, (due to the application of flat-panel TV COF carrier board decrease). But, in general, most South Korean PCB industry growth is good, especially applications in smart phones and tablet computers HDI microplate production manufacturers and baseband (the baseband) IC carrier board manufacturers.

  Apple news, the 2011 Samsung smart phone shipments exceeded the Apple market performance will last better than Apple. Samsung 2012 mobile phone shipments target of 4.2-4.3 million units, of which 1.9-2 million units from Galaxy smart phone. Samsung Electronics required for HDI microplate 30% from Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO). Daeduck Electronics, DAP and Korea Circuit, three other supplier to Samsung Electronics, South Korea's PCB manufacturers. Several HDI microplate manufacturers from Taiwan and Japan also supplier to Samsung Electronics.

  Interflex is the main supplier of soft board of Samsung Electronics, Korea Circuit office building is currently being followed by the construction of a large-scale factory. Korea Circuit a Interflex company in the mid-1990, the Interflex 2011 output value is $ 469 million, is currently moving to a goal of $ 1 billion. The Interflex the main shareholders are the Young, Poon, Electronics, this company is also a major FPC manufacturer in South Korea, 2011 operating income was $ 253 million. Therefore, the output value of the two companies in 2011 FPC $ 722 million to expand production capacity, so by the factories, the target of $ 1 billion just around the corner.

  Isu-Petasys Cisco Systems (Cisco System) high layer count multilayer manufacturers, acquired up into the electronics (Electronics) Tat, Chun, a 51% stake, up into the two PCB factories in Zhongshan. SEMCO has been to lay the foundation in the, HDI microporous plant in Kunshan. Simmtech circuit board industry, a rising star in South Korea, has begun in mainland China in Xi'an new high-tech PCB plant. Almost all of South Korea's soft board manufacturers in mainland China production base. Flexcom in Vietnam factory, shipped for Samsung Electronics in the near Hanoi. Overseas output of the circuit board industry in Taiwan, Japan and the United States were $ 11 billion, $ 5 billion and $ 3,000,000,000, compared to South Korean manufacturers overseas output scale is still small. From the South Korean companies active overseas investment in the near future, South Korea's overseas production will leap growth. Said that 80% of South Korean PCB manufacturers, PCB supply Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.