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Mobile phone profits fell below 3% of the channel the collective changed jobs to accessories

  "Profit is too low and can not do, after the Spring Festival, I put all the mobile phone clearance, to do high-end mobile phone accessories in Shenzhen Huaqiang North for nearly a decade of domestic mobile phone Tao finally determined to do the mobile phone accessories, while the up to a hundred times on the Apple mobile phone accessories profits to attract and Zhang Tao, a number of mobile phone channels to have to switch. This reporter has found in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and two visits to the domestic mobile phone channels facing a price war, after-sales issues, and shall difficult to take the trouble, less than 3% of the profits of many mobile phone channels to have to give up the mobile phone business for many years , "Nuggets" mobile phone accessories market.


Multiple problems confusion the channel

  From Hunan, Zhang Tao has a cell phone for many years, Huaqiang North, "the first two years of selling domestic handset profits 10% to 15%, 5% by the end of last year, some of them have less than 3% of the profits, while other costs are rising, it is unable to fight on. "the reporter learned that, in 2007-2008, the domestic" cottage "to reach a peak, with the popularity of low-cost smart phone, the low-end domestic machine gradually loss of markets, from 2010 to 2011, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen, many mobile phone the channel gradually withdraw. Zhang Tao, told our reporter, to do domestic mobile phone there are three major problems the first is the price war, we are all that price, the final result is the "rivers of blood, a dead end. At the same time, this reporter in an interview that some of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in order to escape the after-sales responsibility, hit a shot for a place a lot of after-sale questions have to be the channel to pay the bill. Phone channels to feel trouble or debt disputes. Zhang Tao said, widespread "polygonal debt" of the domestic mobile phone industry chain, manufacturers owe the supplier shall, suppliers due to raw material suppliers shall phone the channel sometimes for six months can not get the amount of the lower dealer when the dealer to pay in advance to the vendor, but mobile phone manufacturers but on foot.


Cell phone store, change "Parts City"

  With the number of the channel's exit, after the many stores that specialize in mobile phone business also face tremendous pressure, had to have the upgrading and transformation, to enter the field of mobile phone accessories. The nation's largest cell phone accessories distribution center - Shenzhen Longsheng Parts City vice president of marketing Wengying Jiang told this reporter that, compared to the mobile phone channel providers face price war, after-sales is difficult and polygonal debt problems, do mobile phone accessories as a single piece of commodity prices not expensive, and have paid their dues to the goods in the transaction, there is almost no debt to the phenomenon, and no after-sale stores in transition to attract a large number of the original a mobile phone business, the channel switched to do accessories. According to reporter understanding, Shenzhen Longsheng Parts City has become the nation's largest cell phone accessories, Huaqiang North through the digital city, Yuan Wang Digital City, SEG market and other stores have their own launch Apple accessories sales area to attract businesses presence.


Accessories to make an inventory of the entire industrial chain

  Currently popular mobile phone accessories phenomenon, The Shenzhen Dirui De, director of marketing high-Shu said in an interview, this two-year mobile phone industry is not good, only do Apple or Apple peripheral products in order to live well. Shenzhen thousands of companies specializing in iPhone accessories production, the whole of the total market of over one hundred million yuan. Wengying Jiang told a newspaper reporter, technical threshold of mobile phone accessories and capital threshold than do mobile phone, to invest in four or five thousand dollars to open a mold can be made a 10 yuan investment could earn $ 2, while a phone mold needs funds in more than one million yuan, higher risk.

  Zhu Han, director of the Guangdong the cardiac Technology Co., Ltd., told this reporter that, in the context of the gradual decline of domestic mobile phone profits, the whole industry chain in the face of serious challenges, to a certain extent, can be said that the Apple iPhoneand other high-end mobile phone accessories the emergence and revitalize the entire industry chain.