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The first day of Computex Taipei 2012 inventory: Windows 8 dominate

  News June 6, 2012 Taipei International Computer Show, is still the beautiful clouds, still dazzling. The most striking among the many new electronic, tablet PCs equipped with Microsoft's Windows operating system and ultra-extreme of this are.

  Although we already know that Windows 8 will appear in the show, but hot is still beyond imagination. Not just Microsoft's booth, from computer makers Acer, Asus, Samsung, to chip giant Intel, the AMD, Nvidia, all booth showing a variety of cool Win 8 products. In other words, Win 8 became the absolute protagonist of this computer show.

Win + super pole "an unbeatable combination

  We (Intel) should thank Win8 to, while Win8 to should be grateful to Intel. "Commented Marketing Director of Intel China Zhang Yi Fan Win8 system and ultra-pole of this combination.

  June 4, before the current conducted by the Taipei Computer Show, Acer and ASUS have released the respective Win 8 super pole this caused a lot of attention, its touch features.

  Acer chairman JT Wang to accept to accept the Phoenix science and technology media, a combination of Microsoft and Intel stand optimistic, "After all, is co-decades-old partner, the best Microsoft's systems operate on the Intel platform." Wang believes that Windows 8 system is very good, and will also be driven by Intel's ultra-pole sales of this product.

  JT Wang said that Windows 8 Microsoft the first time and operating system upgrades do not require more powerful computing capabilities and power management capabilities are strong, the Win8 product is very thin.

  Intel planning to the fourth quarter of 2012, Ivy, bridge, processor and Win8 of system a combination of super-pole of this product will be listed, in addition to the previous flagship ultra-thin, super features, palpable control, deformation will also become a major selling point. Zhang Yi-fan said that the emergence of the 2013 Haswell processor platform, notebook and Tablet PC perfect fusion.

  Intel said the company has been touch screen with a number of manufacturers reached an agreement to ensure adequate touch screen, to meet the expected demand for the next few years the market for touch ultra extreme this experience.

Win + plate: Can you break out?

  Be removed outside win8 super pole this, win8 flat panel concern in this exhibition a landscape. Outside to remove the Intel processor platform Win8 tablet, Nvidia also demonstrated the ARM architecture of the Win8 tablet.

  Currently occupy the mainstream of the Tablet PC market Andrews Win8 system is bound to have a certain impact; who ultimately Defied the Tablet PC market still need consumers to vote.

Win8 still need to improve

  Although JT Wang has given Windows 80 high rating, saying that it was "one of the best Microsoft operating system", but Acer and Asus press conference on June 4, Win8 platform products fault; in the Intel conference on June 5, Win8 plate black and white situation.

  This shows that the system Win8 is still in perfect condition.