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The supersonic electronics in collaboration with Intel to develop touch screen

  Ultrasonic Electronics and Intel (China) Co., Ltd. recently reached intention of cooperation in the development of super pole (Ultrabook) touch screen, ultra-pole of this industry chain development of the integration of touch (OGS) touch screen.

  Intel Corporation was founded in 1968, one of the leading company for the global information industry to provide key components for the computer industry, including microprocessors, chipsets, boards, systems and software. Intel (China) is a wholly owned subsidiary, responsible for business development of the China region. Ultrasonic Electronics and Intel Corporation and Intel (China) does not exist a relationship.

  It is learned that the super pole this is Intel in order to maintain the existing system, and the Apple iPad, Atradius Tablet PC competition, as defined in the new category of notebook products, is the ultimate thin and light notebook products. Based on Intel's ultra-pole this definition, both the strong performance of laptop computers, full-featured advantages, but also has a Tablet PC fast response, easy to use.

  The announcement shows that the supersonic electronics for Intel (China) development OGS touch screen solution. Capacity under the ongoing project status and achievements, as well as market trends and ultrasonic electronics of the factory, Intel (China) and ultrasonic electronic jointly discuss tablet PCs and ultra-polar development of more OGS touch screen project, Intel (China) will help the ultrasound electronic (without limitation) the original contract manufacturing (OEM) and original design (ODM) companies to establish business cooperation relationship ultrasonic electronic display samples, and industrial activities.

  Ultrasonic Electronics said, the company has become one of the Intel touch screen project partners, the intention to cooperate companies to enter the ultra-pole of the industrial chain, the company's touch-screen business development is of great significance. Ultrasonic electronic stressed that the intention to cooperate on the future performance of the company, will depend on the development of results-based progress of cooperation and market conditions.

  It is worth noting that the long letter (300,088 shares) (300,088), also last month revealed the progress of cooperation in the OGS touch screen with Intel. Since the second half of last year, Intel Corporation, through research, decided to choose science and technology cooperation in a long letter to the development of OGS touch screen of 18.5 inches of new touch, the capacitive touch screen equipped with one computer and super pole this. 18.5 inches long letter to the successful development of OGS capacitive touch screen, passed the test of the Intel Corporation, 11 and 12 April 2012 on the Intel Developer Forum, released to the world and shows 18.5 equipped with a long letter of technological production in. OGS Capacitive touch screen desktop computer of the one machine. In recent years, 85% of raised funds over the long letter science and technology will be available for the project investment capacitive touch screen.