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The Pearl River Delta manufacturing enterprises in the compression capacity

"To continue the loan financing? Hard to say, first and wait." Recently, this reporter found in the PRD interview by the international economic recovery uncertain factors, some companies have a manufacturing capacity in the sense of compression, slowdown in credit demand.

Household appliances, automobile and other industries

Are carrying capacity adjustment

"Guangdong has a lot of companies have access to bank credit, but did not immediately get the money, this is completely different from the earlier line up the competition for loans." During the interview, the Guangdong bank corporate credit department official said.

It is understood that caused by weak corporate demand for credit and lending difficult "has become the entire banking industry is facing the problem. Information of the credit department of the Postal Savings Bank, Guangdong Branch Beginning in May, the bank credit growth is slowing down. It is understood that the postal savings bank credit was mainly targeted at the "three rural and small micro-enterprise loans.
After the spring, the agriculture reduced loan demand, the increase of the overall credit declined by about 10%.

Guangzhou Bank Corporate Finance Department official said, in April, the bank loan demand growth, decline, mainly corporate demand weakened, especially the manufacturing industry (including home appliances, automobile and other industries) are carrying capacity adjustment.
In addition, the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis, many domestic enterprises begin to slow down the pace of expansion overseas, but also reduce the demand for financing.

From HSBC Bank research report, April, domestic bank credit growth slowed to 15.4 percent compared with the slightly in March; new loans of 681.8 billion yuan, a decrease compared to March, net of seasonal factors, the physical needs of the economy weak and the central bank for monetary easing, relatively cautious attitude may be the main reason of new loans declined.
In addition, the broad money supply (M2) growth slowed down from 13.4 percent in March to 12.8 percent in April, less than 14% of the annual target.

Foreign trade enterprises in the sense of compression capacity

"The company's financial manager, reminded me that the moment the raw materials, labor, financing costs are at a high level of market uncertainty, and those who do do not order best left in abeyance." Engaged in Foshan ceramic export business, Mr Leung said by
European debt crisis, the corporate overseas sales is not optimistic.

The industry believes that China's economic troika, the export situation is not optimistic. From HSBC Bank study shows that export growth in April fell to 4.9 percent from 8.9 percent in March. European debt crisis, the negative growth in exports to the EU. April exports of the three major trading partners as a whole slowed to 3.9%, lower than the average level of 6% in the first quarter. Especially labor-intensive exports of textiles, clothing and shoes, including both decline.
In this context, many of the externally oriented enterprises compression capacity, to wait and see posture.

In addition, some small and medium enterprises are unwilling to bear the risk of transformation and upgrading, and build its own brand. Mr Leung said enterprises for many years to do the European and American manufacturers of OEM orders, profit is not high but do not worry about the bother. If you want to build its own brand, to design and develop new products, you need a great amount of start-up capital.
Preliminary estimates, at least 20 million yuan. I certainly have concerns, fear of investment failure. In addition, banks are also worried about the risk, loans for such projects is very difficult. "

The proposed asymmetric interest rate cut

Lingnan College Finance Department, the Army believes that the current transition from the "loans" to "hard lending", in fact, reflects the deep-seated problems of China's economic development, reflects the lack of capacity for sustained development, transformation and upgrading difficult, banks tend to "high-quality customer resources and other issues.
Especially in the context of international economic downturn, the government should be multi-pronged approach to stimulate the real economy running activity.

Army and other experts suggest that the first should adhere to alleviate the tax burden on SMEs. Secondly, to encourage private capital to enter the various fields of national economy, to reduce the entry barriers of the railway, petroleum, telecommunications and other industries.
At the same time, increase efforts to support for business innovation, banks can be equipped to support the government's special support funds and research funding, to reduce the risk of loans.

In addition, the interviewed experts also suggested that the central bank to implement asymmetric cut interest rates.
That banks can engage in one interest rate adjustment to keep the deposit rate stable at the same time appropriate to reduce lending rates.

"At present, the effect of macro-control policy and the external international economic downturn led to more uncertainties in China's economic development. Careful analysis of the transition from the 'loans' to 'lending difficult' to respect the market choice to reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the economy growth, long way to go. "the army said.