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360 to do the smart phone XiaoMi was a double blow

  "360 mobile phones to do" Fengyun public opinion bomb shelling of the entire Internet world, not only that the communications world is restless. 360 work with Huawei, the zero profit mode to suppress the the millet spoiler industry.
   For a time, about
360to do the smart phones of all kinds of speculation after another, a large number of Internet users have joined the discussion camp, scene of great excitement, it is rare.
   Zero profit mode Yin Zhengyi
   For the 360 ​​family of Internet companies, test the water to do the smart phone it is not unusual, because Baidu, Ali and grand Internet companies are pushing smart phones.
   Although several Internet companies in the business focus on differences, but without exception, their ultimate goal of the battlefield are the mobile Internet. The 360 ​​to do the phone naturally been labeled card mobile Internet label.
   However, the same thing, why
360reached the battlefield will be set off so wild waves? 360 president Zhou Hongyi, in fact, it never "do not fight a conventional card" has a necessary connection.
   It is reported that 360 high-profile claims push "zero profit" highly configurable "Smart Phone to 360 users, of which the" zero profit "has caused controversy. Ability to achieve a zero profit, and different opinions.
   IT columnist Zhang Le Book, told reporters that the zero profit mode can certainly achieve a lot of electronic products is zero profit or even negative profits. "For example, you buy a Geely turret comes with a two blade, probably tens of dollars, but you later want to change the blade, the blade may than turret expensive." He further pointed out that an apple, for example Apple and Do not rely on selling mobile phones to make money, the Apple application store is a cash dispenser. Unicom, Telecom introduced the zero purchase mobile activities actually earn the user's phone calls.
   However, Analysys International observers Zhou Xiaofeng, a contrary view. He said that the zero profit mode can never be achieved, can be seen from childhood the Mibu Bureau physical sales point, based entirely on the sale of the network level is unrealistic, as the substance of the product, its supply chain should not be only in the sales cycle. Not to after-sales service and product, its product will only be a historical joke. Therefore, the mobile phone of this product supply chain to determine the zero profit model difficult to implement.
   Zhou Xiaofeng further stressed that the major Internet companies to get involved in the field of smart phones, which is the inevitable result of the "mobile Internet" layout wave. Product positioning of the major Internet companies, however, these companies lack the accumulation of mobile phone design and manufacturing industry, only the price advantage can not be the full impact of the market, the establishment of a brand reputation often experience lengthy user experience, while the 360 ​​and any vendor cooperation is more interesting, because the final hand which vendor is most likely to affect the future market structure.
   Carter, 360 in cooperation with Huawei news officially able to confirm. Beijing time on May 10 afternoon, the chairman of Huawei Terminal Yu Chengdong today in the "2012 Global Mobile Internet Conference confirm that Huawei will jointly Qihoo 360 to build a cell phone, and will focus on Internet sales channels.
   Previously, Yu Chengdong microblogging to disclose information and 360, but then, this microblogging will be deleted, but in the morning to participate in the "2012 Global Mobile Internet Conference", he confirmed that this is true.
   360 hand Huawei millet "feel then?"
   "Millet mobile phone will be subjected to the double pressure of the brand and users," said Zhou Xiaofeng outspoken. For the case of millet, only to the user profile location of the mobile phone enthusiasts is obviously not enough, a true sense of the mobile phone manufacturers face is the whole user market test. In particular, is a new brand name of millet, is sorely lacking the experience accumulated in the mobile phone industry.
   In fact, 360 of the final hand, Huawei, the industry did not shocked, after there is speculation that the 360 ​​may be associated with domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei or ZTE. It is worth noting that Huawei Yu Chengdong midnight microblogging this sentence: "Huawei consumer BG will support the odd tiger 360 companies to provide consumers with cost-effective high-end products to more than millet phone." Despite the subsequent microblogging deleted, but the message is still being media capture.
   360 hand Huawei millet encounter the brand with the user to suppress
   Yu Chengdong microblogging talked about millet, can not but think of the Internet giant 360 jointly Huawei the millet phone will face what position?
   IT observers Wang Liyang, Huawei and 360 co-operation on the low end of the market had a severe impact, high-end market by Apple, Samsung occupied by Huawei and 360 introduced the high cost phone would millet have a tremendous blow. By that time, the fame millet there is no cost-effective advantage. Currently, many consumers grab to buy millet is not done because the the millet phone user experience is good, but because of its cost advantage. Once the 360 ​​with Huawei launched mobile phone of the cost is higher than millet, millet will lose a lot of potential customers.
   The 360 ​​hand Huawei Zhou Xiaofeng said that, this is a win-win situation, he said, from millet early to compete with Huawei visible, because the latter lack the planning and the establishment of Internet marketing, Huawei in terms of price, configure, brand gap before losing to the effective marketing practices. This time, the cooperation between Huawei and 360, is clearly nothing but good. On the one hand 360 by Huawei's brand to the layout of the mobile Internet users in the entrance, on the other hand the the Huawei same with the 360 ​​marketing practices for the future expansion of the mobile phone market and lay a solid user base.
   For the media reported that Huawei and 360 co-operation that might compromise its high-end mobile location, Zhou Xiaofeng, said: "I think the safety of business integration, it is 360 and Huawei both what they want the profit performance. 360 security software users market coverage is the marketing of one of the goals in Huawei and Huawei, its SMEs cloud security services for their own coverage is very limited; is 360, with Huawei to enhance the mobile phone brand, at the same time, and mature The mobile phone manufacturers, the 360 ​​can save a lot of thing. "
   Speaking in front of 360 has established itself as a large user groups, It is one of the goals of Huawei to establish cooperation, Huawei early and telecommunications, mobile cooperation customization market, due to limited cooperation, leading to its high price positioning and loss of competitiveness of products. This is also Huawei urgent problem, but this cooperation is to resolve this embarrassing the status quo.
   360 phone is allowed to install the QQ software
   360 do phone news came shortly after, because I heard the low price and high configuration of smartphones to appear, friends cheered, very excited.
   However, 3Q war netizens generated a concern. That is, 360 especially for the mobile phone will not 3Q war rather than letting it install the QQ software. In this regard, many users participate in the discussion, the extraordinary pomp. Ye Zhou, IT Business News Network connection 360 be informed, present, 360 is promoting things with vendors, more detailed specific issues not yet finalized, but thanked the enthusiastic attention of the netizens, 360 said that , if there is new progress will be promptly published to share with you.
   This concern for the users, Cheung Shu-Lok,
360 mobile phoneis not necessarily Tencent software pre-installed, but their 360 phone guardian pre-installed software will install QQ path and integration. After all, the phone can not be installed Tencent QQ software for smartphone users deficient.
   Wang Liyang's views on this issue is quite an understatement, he said: "users concerned about this problem more than a joke, 360 phone is not compatible with Tencent QQ, 360 will not be swayed by personal feelings, he was trying to occupy the mobile Internet portal, and not for sulk and Tencent.