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Apple PCB foundry will accept pollution survey

  According to the British "Financial Times" reported that Apple agreed to participate in pollution control joint investigation launched by a mainland China supplier factories, In addition to the foundry, the Apple one PCB foundry will be examined in the coming weeks, byjoint oversight of the apple and the public and the environment research center (IPE) IPE previously named Apple PCB foundry Japan's Meiko Electronics (Meiko Electronics) pollution is serious, and Meiko Electronics Wuhan plant downtime in October last year, so the pollution investigationon speculation the PCB factory this end date Department of manufacturers.

  News release, the Hon Hai Group, Foxconn International (2038.HK) shares opened lower on the 16th lower, closing at HK $ 4.79, fell 6.26 percent, but Hon Hai has denied the PCB plant in the same group of F-Pottinger (4958 ).

  IPE is a non-profit environmental organization, was established in Beijing in May 2006, this Environmental Protection Union released a report in 2010 said that Apple is not responding to its supplier in China there is a toxic waste led to the investigation of pollution, the IPE published last year, the second reports that Apple foundries pollution intensified and spread, and the end of August, the report is directed at suspected PCB foundry Apple Japan's Meiko Electronics Guangzhou factory environmental issues, the Wuhan plant is more serious, near South Lake Prince Edward serious pollution, Meiko Electronics announced on October 20 last year, the Wuhan plant downtime, Jasdaq stock in Japan immediately fell more than 14%, the plant was the resumption of work on January 19 this year.

  Apple announcement in January this year the list of its supply chain, in the PCB industry, including the Ka Luen Yick (6143), the Prefecture of Taiwan (6269), Hua Tong (2313), Southern Electric (8046), Tripod (3044), Unimicron (3037), other countries, including Japan, Korea, America, Hong Kong manufacturers.

  Environmental groups for enterprises to set up PCB plant in China, the most requested pollution norms for waste water and emissions, especially in wastewater due to easier inspection, it is headed by wave key indicators, manufacturers want to get a certain amount of wastewater discharge amount can only be produce the amount of production corresponding to the requirements are stringent.

  But also the industry believe that Apple has agreed to participate in pollution control joint investigation on its behalf must be internally quite ready, agreed to let the IPE check, so check the results should give people positive recognition.