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The turning point come? U.S. flat-panel TV shipments this year is expected to decline for the first

    Shipments of flat-panel TV market is expected this year for the first time fell, ending a self-sustained growth since the start of the market situation, this may be a decisive turning point. According to IHS iSuppli's U.S. TV market tracking reports, in 2012 the U.S. market, flat-panel TV shipments is expected to dropped to 37.1 million units, a decrease of 5% from 39.1 million units in 2011. Shipments last year, a slight increase of 1% compared to 38.6 million units in 2010.

    Flat-panel TVs, including LCD TV, the dominant small-scale plasma TV, rear projection televisions as well as negligible. In the field of shipments last year has clearly peaked. The projections indicate that the shipments in the next three years will continue to decline, at least until 2015.

    U.S. flat-panel TV shipments have never appeared in decline, even during the height of the recession in 2008 and 2009 did not decline. Began to decline from this year, indicates that the demand for the U.S. TV market may have peaked. The United States is a mature TV market, the growth was mainly from the consumer to have the update feature of the TV to replace older models. In other parts of the world, most consumers for the first time to buy flat-panel TVs, there is a vibrant untapped market.

    Looking back now, brands too optimistic last year, also contributed to one of the reasons for the decline expected this year. The belief that consumers ultimately will be happy to pay to buy a new TV manufacturers in the first quarter of last year, an increase of shipping, the results make it disappointed, expected sales did not materialize. Then trigger a negative chain reaction, for over a year, TV is very aggressive pricing of the third and fourth quarters, in order to compensate for the downturn in the first half of the sales situation. This approach led to the profit of almost all manufacturers have been severely damaged.

    By the impact of last year, the brands in 2012 will be very cautious. The manufacturers will attempt to control shipments to the U.S. market to keep prices stable, not like last year eager to stimulate demand. The efforts to maintain price stability may also have risks, and make habits of the discount or gradual price reductions mode consumers are dissatisfied. This will inhibit the growth of shipments this year.

    Although shipments are expected to fall, but the industry overall, reducing the discount would increase revenue and profitability will improve.

    LED-backlit LCD TVs this year will be the first in the U.S. market occupy the dominant position in shipments of more than CCFL backlight TV. LED-backlit TV shipments will reach 23.7 million units this year, the CCFL TV shipments will be 8.7 million units. Last year, the CCFL TV unit shipments of 18.8 million units, 14.5 million higher than the LED TV.

    Brands to sell LED backlight LED TV as a standard model in its product portfolio, LED backlit TV in the next few years, rapid growth is expected to double-digit rates. This TV will use the small and medium-sized TV panels to less than 40 inches.

    Although the U.S. flat-panel TV shipments are expected to decline from the beginning of this year, but the market still plans to take more advanced features, new products and to continue to attract consumers to buy. The emerging trend of the U.S. LCD TV market, including: to continue to the larger size changes; frequency from 120Hz to 240Hz or even 480Hz frequency steady shift; Full HD 1080p specification of standardization in the TV; into Internet-enabled capabilities; in 3D more emphasis on passive 3D displays, including without battery, low-cost 3D glasses.

    Lisa Hatamiya research analyst at IHS. For more information, please contact: analystinquiries@isuppli.com.

   For further information on this topic, please refer to the IHS iSuppli report: "LED TV Continues to Grow, in U.S. For more information, please visit: http://goo.gl/rdodN .