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2012 new ten trends of the IT industry

Before IT Summit, Digital China, executive director of GSR Ventures directors, general manager James Ding, released the IT industry, the annual report of the 2012 IT industry trends, summarize the following 10:

Information intelligent: the context of cloud computing, terminal, server processing speed of the rapid development of information and data processing, the future there will be a series of new initiatives and try;

2, the intelligent terminal: whether it is phone or TV, including video games, in fact, are more like small computers, and now people on hand holding a small computer processing capacity of more than two decades ago supercomputer capacity;

3, application of intelligence: As the Apple App Store, making the development of software applications to produce a qualitative change, the application of intelligent features and direction of development, the previous large-scale software practice supercomputer into many small applications, these small applications can more intelligent each other, did not communicate with each standard, whether collaborative applications, future challenges facing the future development trend of IT to achieve a breakthrough;

4, Media intelligence: the new standard system, the traditional media evolution media for mobile intelligent;

5, Mall of the program: the retrieved image is nothing new in the future, this will lead to consumption of the network of people to produce a qualitative change;

6, the network of mobile technology: the traditional concept of the Internet, outdated and mobile Internet gradual replace;

7, the operational pipeline: the traditional telecom operators, accelerated defined as the provider of operating the pipeline;

8, all calculations, the computing cloud: the traditional network world, completed by the subsystem host now will be the cloud concept formation;

9, the PC era: PC and Smart Tablet PC, and the use of functions, there is still war;

10, the community of virtualization: the emergence of new communities is no longer living quarters on the physical space, in full accordance with the points of interest, concern the formation, humans began to define a new multi-dimensional community, traditional social organization is a profound deconstruction.