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Samsung Electronics flash memory chip project is located in Xi'an

The reporter learned from the Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone on the 20th, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. announced the same day, its intended in mainland China, the construction of a new flash memory chip project site Xi'an.
    In the talks on the 20th Shaanxi Province, Xi'an relevant aspects of the Samsung Electronics company, Samsung Electronics official said, Samsung Electronics is considered in the construction of memory R & D and manufacturing plant in Xi'an, the world's leading technology, the first step investment billion U.S. dollars, by the end of 2013 production.
    According to the relevant responsible comrades in Xi'an, the largest foreign-invested high-tech industries as the reform and opening up the western region since the introduction of the project, the Samsung project site Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, will effectively promote a new generation of IT industry in Xi'an fast development and innovation upland construction, but also conducive to the off days leading city of the economic zone to play radiation and leading role to help further push forward the western development of the new round, especially the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of Shaanxi and Xi'an will Xi'an construction of an international The metropolis has played a strong supporting role of the electronics industry.
Samsung Electronics, a dominant position in the global storage class semiconductor market, the production of flash memory chips for a large number of portable devices, flash memory storage of data even in case of power failure of the equipment can also be preserved, is widely used in smart phones, tablet PCs which.
At present, Xi'an more than 40 colleges and universities with electronic information science, the field of electronic information for more than 50 scientific research institutes, 2600 more than IT enterprises. Market analysts believe that Samsung Electronics Semiconductor R & D project is located in Xi'an, just together time, just close their places, will further improve the Xi'an new generation of IT industry chain, the formation of large-scale, high-end, and the difference of the electronic information industry in Xi'an of characteristics.
Samsung project is located in Xi'an, further highlights the competitive and comparative advantages of Xi'an city. In recent years, With Xi'an accelerate the construction of the pace of international metropolis with historical and cultural characteristics, the world's top 500 enterprises and high-end information industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry has been established in Xi'an, more than 130 businesses or offices.
    As one of the first established one of the national high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Xi'an High-tech Zone has formed the dominant industries of electronic information, the next generation of IT industry, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, the Midwest's economic aggregate the largest innovation and entrepreneurship of the most active high-tech zones. In recent years, attracting the world's top 500 Applied Materials, Qualcomm, GE, Micron, Walsin, Nobuyasu Electronics, NEC, ZTE, Huawei and well-known electronic information enterprises stationed.
   "With the Samsung project is located Xi'an, will Xi'an city competitiveness and the carrying capacity of the high-end industry is growing, the Xi'an High-tech Zone of the responsible comrades said," We will to work together with Samsung Electronics Company, Facing the broad market, achieve win-win situation, and work together to build a new generation of IT industry Heights. "