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Accelerating the adoption of iPv6 of Things commercial soon

  Networking industry is entering a stage of stable development, to be applied in transportation, medical, industrial automation industry, the country has 28 provinces and cities as one of the emerging development of key industries of Things Internet of Things commercial is imminent.
  The Internet of Things is the development trend, but we should also see domestic things industry is facing many challenges, in addition to technology, standards, application level, profit model, flawed as the support, networking, cloud computing and other emerging Internet industry based on IPv6 has not yet gained popularity, leading to the IP address of Things to insufficient resources, the floor facing the challenges of large-scale applications.

  IPv6 is the next-generation IP protocol to replace the current IPv4, much richer than IPv4 IP address space. As improve the capacity of the foundation and forerunner of the Internet, IPv6, direct support mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other developments in the field. Although, IPv6, has been all widely accepted, but the rate of adoption is always quite slow. However, with the outbreak of a variety of intelligent terminals, in particular, the popularity of ipad and other flat-panel, smart phone and a good market-driven surge in the networking needs of a variety of devices, which will also quickly gave birth to IPv6 rapid spread.

  In addition to market a powerful drive, February 27 this year, iPv6 also received 8 billion special government investment, encouraged by the Government, telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and so to increase investment in chip design, basic network transformation, the terminal equipment network interfaces and multiple links to renovate and upgrade for iPv6 large-scale commercial and lay a solid foundation.

  Once ipv6 gained popularity, the industrial development of things will plug in to take off. Imagine when every minute of sand on Earth have expressed their own identity, ID, Internet of things be far away? IPv6-based Internet of Things, due to the advantages of network capacity, making more rich and diverse terminal can easily access the IP network, while more sophisticated in terms of security, terminal mobility. Personalized terminal in iPv6 escorted under more conducive to real-time monitoring of network status. IPv6 will promote things toward a more convenient and safer.