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Twelve Five of China's electronic equipment and instruments Planning interpretation

February 24 by the Ministry of Industry and electronic equipment instrument "12th Five-Year Plan", "planning" involved in the electronic equipment and electronic equipment industry, will focus on the development of the six areas related to integrated circuits, new components production equipment and semiconductor and integrated circuit test equipment.
 220 billion yuan output value of domestic electronic equipment instrument the target for the "12th Five-Year" period: "The Eleventh Five-Year" period, domestic electronic equipment to obtain the average annual sales revenue growth of 20%, but the market is still small scale, the semiconductor equipment market in 2010 only 5.67% of the global market share, at the same time there is a big gap in the product technology with the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed areas. According to the requirements of the "plan", "five-second period of China's electronic equipment industry and electronic instrument industry will achieve average annual growth rate of 17% and 15%, sales revenue of 40 billion and 180 billion yuan in 2015. To form the key products of the enterprises as the mainstay, and research with a combination of technological innovation system, developed to meet the country's major strategic needs with market competitiveness, and enhance market self-sufficiency rate, and to support a number of key enterprises.
   Focus on the development of integrated circuits, solar cells, new components, production equipment, communications and networking, semiconductors and integrated circuits, digital TV test equipment: Electronic equipment and instruments industry is an important basic industry, occupy the commanding heights of the electronic information industry for the promotion of the overall development of domestic electronic information industry has huge the leverage. However, due to weak domestic electronic equipment manufacturing base, the current key equipment is mainly dependent on imports, and how to improve the matching rate of local products to reduce the domestic integrated circuit devices, the gap between technology level and international advanced level, the key objectives of the "planning".
 IC production equipment: 8-inch 0.13-micron integrated circuit sets of production line equipment and 12 inches 65 nm -45 nm IC key equipment industrialization, In addition to lithography, etching, packaging and testing equipment to narrow the gap to a generation even the basic synchronization;
 Solar cell production equipment: solar grade polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon growth, cutting, cleaning equipment, automatic crystalline silicon solar cell production line equipment and thin film solar production equipment to achieve industrialization, technology reached the international advanced level;
Production equipment of the new components: focus on the development of OLED display technology production equipment R & D, especially in the the AMOLED field of technological breakthroughs, surface mount devices In addition to the automatic placement machine to reach the international advanced level, the IC after packaging equipment, liquid crystal display process equipment, LED devices (except MOCVD), the chip component equipment, purification equipment close to the international advanced level.
Development of test instruments: focusing on 4G TD-LTE base stations and terminals, radio frequency and high-speed digital mixed-signal integrated circuits, memory, digital TV special test equipment.
 Countries will continue to play an industrial role in guiding and supporting policies to promote and improve the industry: industry characteristics from the point of view, the development cycle of electronic equipment, capital investment, at the same time requires an accurate grasp of the technology and market direction, belong to the high investment and high risk industry, and policy support and guidance for the development of local equipment manufacturers with an extremely important role. "Planning" to give full play to the guiding role of the national major science and technology, electronic information industry development fund, to support product innovation, and encourage local major technologies and equipment ordering and use for domestic development of special equipment instruments provide a good market environment and policy support to enhance the competitive advantage of local products, special instruments will strengthen the integrated circuit, IC special equipment and key components of electronic equipment and other related enterprises preferential tax policies for the support.
 Direction of development of the "planning", the Golden State Securities Institute believes that the benefit of listed companies: Seven Stars Electronics (diffusion furnace eight inches, 8 inches of cleaning equipment and single crystal furnace and other integrated circuit devices), Selen Science & Technology (anti-static / cleanroom industry system integration solution provider), Han's Laser (Laser processing equipment industry for the lead, PCB, PV, LED packaging equipment manufacturing), Shanghai Xin Yang (lead foot surface treatment and wafer copper, cleaning, and other supporting equipment), Hanwei Electronics (gas sensors, gas detection instrumentation, and gas detection and control systems), avionics measured (strain gauge sensors and automotive performance testing equipment), the opp photoelectric (optical measurement and control equipment), Dragon Optical ( growth of single crystal silicon furnace, cut off the machine and cut side roller mill photovoltaic equipment and MOCVD), Beijing Express (polysilicon ingot furnace, large-size single crystal silicon growth furnaces, zone melting silicon growth furnaces), refinement Technology (polysilicon ingot furnace).