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Life-saving mobile phone standby up to 15 years

According to the AP reporter Qiaoying a standby long 15 years of mobile phone is scheduled to be officially listed on the 15th of this month, priced at $ 70. This non-smart phones for emergency use.

The "savings One" mobile phone developed by the U.S. Xpal energy companies, the biggest feature is the use of an AA "Energizer" new type of lithium battery, standby 15 years in the state does not boot, boot state 2, support continuous call 10 hours. However, this is limited to using the original battery.

All-plastic design, simple shape, similar to a remote control, similar to the upper part of the location of the screen visible battery. Keyboard, the upper middle is a red emergency call button, the next four function keys, the lower is the number keys, and x number, # key.

Mobile phone screen, phone book, only to support any power consumption of the digital input, excluding cameras, Internet and other miscellaneous. However, as a user to call frequently used, the manufacturer preset 9 groups call number. Red emergency call button in case there is no SIM card can also call.

Phone is scheduled to be available for sale on the 15th of this month, through the official website www.spareonephone.combuy British" Daily Mail "reported on the 5th, the mobile phone standard the microSIM a card and an AA Energizer lithium batteries, is priced at U.S. $ 70 price in the UK for 60 pounds (about $ 95).

"Save One" is not a smartphone, is designed to respond to emergency situations such as driving broke down in the wild. The phone automatically sends the user location information, and also built a light-emitting diode (LED) flashlight for illumination in the dark or distress. The phone weighs 75 grams, the back cover is easily removed, easy to replace the battery.