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Ban the iPad will have a huge social impact?

IPad trademark courtroom yesterday, Proview Shenzhen to produce four groups of 30 evidence, including the 2009 the Proview version iPad, a production by Proview Shenzhen authorized LCD. This apple Shanghai does not endorse. Apple Shanghai company, said the 2009 crown version of iPad is not a commodity, but Proview Shenzhen custom order to meet the State Trademark Bureau iPad trademark three years not to use administrative procedures to be revoked.
Apple Shanghai:
Proview alleged false evidence
Proview Shenzhen believes that the trademark attribution is obvious, based on registration by the State Trademark Bureau website. In the State Trademark Bureau registration, Proview Shenzhen to enjoy the iPad, and iPad graphics involved two trademark. Therefore, no Proview Shenzhen authorized Apple Shanghai for granted trademark infringement.
Accordingly, the Proview Shenzhen request of the Apple Shanghai stop selling iPad product, removal of all signs with iPad trademark, destroy all publicity materials with iPad trademark advertised in major national media recognize the infringement and an apology, payment of reasonable litigation expenses, 10000 and case litigation costs six requests.
As evidence, Proview Shenzhen produce 30 evidence, including the 2009 the Proview version of the iPad. Proview Shenzhen, the iPad is not a Tablet PC, but a company authorized a Proview Shenzhen in December 2009 produced a 21.5-inch LCD screen. Proview Shenzhen, said in 2008, 2009, had authorized a company to use the iPad trademark, and production and sales of LCD screen, GPS and other products with iPad trademark. Accordingly, the plaintiff not only have involved trademark and the use of the trademark is a continuous process, did not exist three years.
Proview Shenzhen, Apple Shanghai is not recognized. Apple Shanghai, 2009 Proview version of iPad is not a normal commodity, but Proview Shenzhen tailored to cope with the State Trademark Bureau iPad trademark three years not to use administrative procedures to be revoked.
"As we all know, 2008 Proview Shenzhen normal production, 2009 has been a large number of creditor debt collection, how can the production capacity?" Apple Shanghai's attorney told the court pointed out that the "normal approval documents, quality control documents, and the this product (the Proview version iPad) can not see the commodity code, it is made in order to cope with the administrative procedures and false trade, it does not appear on the market. "
Order on the ban:
Apple claims that he needs to take into account the social impact
Apple iPad to be "lock-up" is undoubtedly the most concerned about the fruit powder. Ban on the sale under the law, court support, involved in the Apple store within 48 hours will be a comprehensive ban iPad.
Shenzhen Proview attorney Xiexiang Hui said, "If the ban on the sale of the Shanghai re-will bring in great demonstration effect, does not exclude that we apply for a legal ban in various parts of the country."
Proview Shenzhen accused Apple in Hong Kong's proceedings essence is the real line infringement litigation; Shanghai Apple has countered that the Proview Shenzhen litigation with obvious malicious intent of "extortion". Proview Shenzhen Apple's infringement has resulted in irreparable damage, malicious litigation against Apple's "embargo", and willing to provide the cash equivalent or asset-backed.
Apple Shanghai stressed that the ban on the sale if the application error Proview Shenzhen, the liability of Proview Shenzhen, the current operation status and can not afford to lock-up application for error compensation, once the lock-up will Apple lead to huge losses. "Once the iPad ban iPad Chinese factories upstream and downstream enterprises will have a great impact on the iPad, and more will make a tight, Apple products are more scarce, fruit powder, queuing through the night feel then." Qu Miao, Apple Shanghai's attorney said. Qu Miao believe that the possible impact of the above belong to the category of social and public interests, the court ruling should fully be taken into account.
In addition to the proposition rejected the ban on the sale, Apple yesterday also raised the "suspension of the trial application. Suspend the trial of one of our law of the case must be the results of the trial of another case as the basis, while another case has not yet concluded. Apple Shanghai company that case to be the case, because the State Trademark Bureau under way for three years not to use the revocation of the administrative procedures, the iPad trademark transfer contract disputes is the Hong Kong courts, the Apple iPad ownership to the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court proceedings The case is the second instance....