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Analysts expect the tablet will die out

  The science and technology website TechEye reported on Tuesday, Enderle Group chief analyst rob Enderle ( Rob Enderle ) said, as more and more people begin to realize the tablet was of no practical use, tablet PC will eventually die out.
  Enderle, in" SD Times" on write civil say, over the past year iPad sales performance gradually insipid. Although he thought MacBook Air laptop replaces the iPad needs, but the consumer is actually more like a more powerful products.
  Enderle said, Intel ( micro-blog ) was the first to realize computer prospect small manufacturers, so introduced Ultrabook concept. But this ignores the consumer value tablet two features, that is a touch screen mode and longer battery life, and now Ultrabook doesn't have this characteristic.
 Enderle, think this year with laptop and tablet PC product features will be welcomed by consumer, to the traditional notebook and tablet computers out of the market.
 Enderle said, at present on the market has two kinds of the mixed product, one is X1 Lenovo computers. This product is the configuration of the x86 and ARM processor, with similar notebook features, battery life up to 10 hours.
  Another kind is the ASUS Transformer and Transformer Prime, this kind of product from the notebook into flat.
 Enderle, think, the next generation of products will support the Windows 8 product. He also expected, the market should have third choices. In view of Windows 8 supports ARM and x86 chip, so the market can appear on the combination of these two characteristics of hybrid product, but provides a common user interface, can be in two kinds of products switching between the modes.