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The twenty-first China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

Show time: 2012-03-13 ~ 15
Industry: electronic power
The topic: integrated circuit
Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall
Organizational unit: Shanghai Ying Exhibition Business Services Limited
Introduction of the exhibition:
 By the China Printed Circuit Industry Association, Shanghai Ying exhibition business services limited company sponsored the "twenty-first China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition" will be held March 13, 2012 to March 15th in the Chinese Shanghai World Expo exhibition is held. The exhibition of the exhibition area of 25000 square meters and above. There will be more than 500 exhibitors, who were from the United States, Japan, Britain, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Luxemburg, mainland China, Taiwan and Hongkong more than 20 countries and regions.
  CPCA exhibition will attract a large number of professional audience and buyers groups, with more than more than 50000 professional visitors, including 30% from top.
  CPCA exhibition held in China every year is the most influential electronic circuits exhibition. Whether in the scale of the exhibition, exhibitors visibility, or industry awareness and audience numbers, CPCA show at the top, to become China's PCB industry 's first exhibition.
 During the exhibition, sponsored by CPCA, the world electronic circuit board WECC together with the " PCB International Information Technology Forum" will be invited from the industry at home and abroad many expert to make special subject speech, discuss technology development trend and trend.
 The same time and the same organized the "2012 China International Water Treatment and clean technology and equipment exhibition", is a printed circuit board manufacturers in the production process to provide more comprehensive and professional environmental protection water treatment and clean technology solutions, in order to better serve the PCB manufacturer.
Scope of exhibits:
Printed circuit board manufacturing, equipment, raw materials and chemicals;
Electronic assembly equipment, raw materials, electronics manufacturing services and contract manufacturing;
Water treatment technology and equipment;
Cleanroom technology and equipmentSpecial exhibition area;
Cleanroom technology and equipment;
Treatment technology and equipment.
Sponsored by:
China Printed Circuit Association ( CPCA )
Shanghai Ying Exhibition Business Services Limited
Website: www.ying-zhan.com