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2012 high-tech industry globalization is new think

HC net January begins, China's electronic information industry to start a new journey.
 This week, the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show ( ces2012 ) in the United States of America Las Vegas will begin the prologue, it will become a lot of Chinese firms in the global market debut in 2012. In recent years, professional electronic information industry market research and promotion organization Beijing Huaxing million state management consulting limited sent analysts, at home and abroad visit or participated in a series of well-known international industry exhibition and symposium, through visitting each activity organization, participants and the industry manufacturers, high-tech industry globalization produced some new thinking.
 In Huaxing million state recent visit activities, including and Chinese high-tech industry internationalization is closely related to the ces2011, in Spain Barcelona's Mobile World Congress ( mwc2011 ) in Switzerland and Geneva hosted the International Telecommunication Union Telecom World ( itutelecomworld2011 ). Huaxing million state through the summary in the analysis of the three exhibitions and other activities observed trends and produce experience, in this brief talk about high-tech industry world-class brand creation, multimode era of business strategy and optimal technology business practice topic.
  World class brand is a business modelUndoubtedly, China's electronic information industry has stepped onto the world stage. In the three world exhibition and other international industrial activity, can be seen everywhere from China, from a small factory to the fabulously rich telecom operators and manufacturers in China. And they have become many international exhibition support force, such as the host of the CES consumer electronics industry association set up in China local institutions, specialized exhibition invitation and invitation and so on various services. In the last year of the ITU exhibition, from global manufacturers to participate in degree, Chinese manufacturers and industry organizations booth area close to half.
  In view of this, from small to large enterprises in the global promotion China has spent a lot of effort and money, but regret is either in the USA or Europe 's bestbuy MediaMarkt and other large electronics store chain, is still difficult to see a brand from china. At the same time, along with the changes of industrial structure, the appreciation of the renminbi and the overall national income level and so on many kinds of factors, in order to more, faster and better to win the global market ( or even win the chance of survival ), to create a world-class brand will be the industry counterparts in the next management a strategic work.
  In essence, create world-class brand is neither wholly social structure and cultural issues, not all language problems, but not the scale of enterprises, its core is the commercial pattern problem. In the past few years, we have seen the" angry birds" push fire from Finland Rovio company, and from the United Kingdom arm continues to challenge the semiconductor industry big Mac intel. Therefore, can become a world-class brand depends on a company's business model, the enterprise no matter size must be from vision to implementation are standing on top of the world.
  A sustainable competitive advantage and profitability is the business model of the basic elements, and all customer satisfaction combined form the brand, is the connection between the two high level marketing design. Any company in going to ces for channels, to go to the MWC for operators and terminal manufacturers, large customers to Telecomworld to do image before, if we can spend a little more time to comb the commercial pattern, and put them into the enterprise development objectives and standards, will be products and prices outside the enterprise selling point, will become long find partner basis.