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OLED TV market in 2012

 OLED development in accordance with the current forecast, OLED TV will enter the market late in 2012, added to 40-inch models of market competition. However, the price is too high and a limited number of 2015, only 40-inch and larger market share of 2.5%. Currently forecast new OLED TV LED LCD TV prices end higher than 2-3 times.

 In China, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa and other emerging markets, flat panel TV will continue the rapid growth in the next four years, an average annual increase of 11%, while developed markets fell by 1% per year on average. With the Indian market after the shock break out, the Asia-Pacific region will become the strongest growth markets.

 Although the 3D TV market growth in North America, lower than expected, but in emerging markets and Europe 3D TV shipments better than expected, the global 3D TV will be a slight increase of total shipments. 3D TV market share in North America is expected to 11% in Western Europe accounted for 14%, in China, accounting for 12%. As the North American consumer 40-inch models with 3D functionality preferences obvious choice, so in North America will remain the highest in the 3D TV penetration. 2011 3D TV shipments worldwide 22 million units by 2015, shipments will reach 100 million units.