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HP sell the PC business, "after the PC" coming

  Global PC shipments champion, last year bought the Web OS Plam enter the Tablet PC market, HP, today announced its intention to sell the company accounted for nearly thirty percent of personal computer sales business unit, shocked the industry. HP's ton output capacity, and Google acquired MotorolaMobility astronomical event, reflecting the "post-PC era" has officially ended in the fermentation industry. Like this corporate restructuring will continue, Topology Research Institute Research Center, United States associate You Kexi West said, "post PC" concept is definitely not replicate the success of the original PC model, but to undermine the innovation to create new rules of the game and win mode. In real meaning, the original mode of the PC era of victory will not be transferred to the post-PC era, the Social, App, Cloud triangular construction, the new corporate overlord also means that Apple will take over the country, while Lawrence networks such as Google, Amazon will be the most respectable adversary.
  Four signs declared dead end into the PC
  Looking at the history of the PC, PC from the early stages of development to 2000, has been the dominant desktop PC market, the key to success. 1996 With the price of a desktop computer to enter and rise of the Internet, making low-margin PC manufacturers suffered the pain, hoping to "post-PC" concept to new market development. But with the positive development of low-power Intel processors, making the desktop PC market from the original era of gradually transferred to the notebook computer age, "post-PC" also will be buried in the fate of notebook computers which flood the market. Once the notebook computer can not escape the fate of low-cost technology, the PC era really gradually into the latter.
  Basically, PC era post four signs have emerged, namely the effect of diffuse low-cost of the overall PC industry, whether it is a desktop or notebook computer; Secondly, from the industry's most upstream to most downstream, the cost of each link are compressed to the extreme; third, Moore'sLaw (Moore) has a few years before the project, Wintel alliance is no longer able to drive PC growth; fourth, PC shipments per year in mature markets is no longer a 2-digit growth, while is to become the norm of single digit growth. From the above comprehensive judgments, PC industry is really into the post. Because of this, many new industries related to start-bit cards, and then "post-PC" The rise has become an inevitable trend.
  Wintel demand equation dashed vertical integration of supply chain
  The level of the PC era division of the last model is based on the Wintel architecture and hardware specifications of the business model on top of everything. PC brands can be so good at games in their own field, the search for low-cost foundry partners to establish cooperative relationships with distributors will be able to get the relative benefits! But in the post-PC era, the level of division of labor model is no longer a guarantee for victory , because the hardware is designed to highlight the brand image of industrial representatives, software and hardware integration as the key to product satisfaction, the application stores the digital content, differentiated services, next-generation cloud strategy to establish a trend, these important factors are the level of division of labor is can be reached.
  Therefore, brands must be based on the characteristics of their business to establish a new industry value chain, in addition to manufacturing and assembly, the other such as: chip design, software platform, hardware and software integration, and the most downstream services are themselves created. This will impact the existing number of existing brands, whether PC makers HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, or a mobile phone manufacturers Nokia, Motorola, RIM and so on. Once the PC after a flood can not be among the companies seeking to fit their own mode of operation, was washed away by the possibility of greatly increased.