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ShengTang technology wish success Shenzhen Universiade

  Reputation as "Little Olympics," said the Universiade the World University Games held so far have had 25 sessions. The 26th of this year's venue in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen Universiade Tang Technology successfully held in Shenzhen, China wished success, but also to cheer the athletes, I wish you the best level of play, the game to achieve the desired results!
  Shenzhen as a young city, and perhaps make young people feel strange. And it is this youth event in the city's solicitation of youth, so that the International University Sports Federation four years ago chose to Shenzhen. There is an unprecedented trust and expectations.
  Shenzhen Universiade held in the young, gives us a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the process of organizing innovative and creative, fulfilling commitments, this grand event. Excellence in China's central government under the leadership for the realization of "from here, not the same as the wonderful" idea will do, we carefully build the stadium, training, operations team, for technology support, to create security conditions, but also continue to make the city functions and image to be improved.
  Shenzhen, China's reform and opening up this birth in the city over the past three years has been in the burning passion of youth, youth chasing a dream. Universiade torch will ignite the flames here, but also indicates that Shenzhen would continue burning passion, enthusiastic, and create a better future!
  Like the enthusiasm and vitality of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, all to all athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world memories!
  I wish the Shenzhen 26th Summer World University Games a complete success!

Shenzhen Universiade medals description:
  Medals style sports has long been the most brilliant, most exciting, most likely to be concerned about the parts. The Shenzhen Universiade medals is no exception. Its called "Ocean" is due to the originality of the medals off the surface inlaid with a wavy colorful inlaid with mother, like sea water swept the beach, leaving the sea mark, the memory of Shenzhen. Crystal presents the basic form of the crystal structure of intent, multi-angle changes in line with the main stadium with decent style pavilions, reflecting the refracted glory, radiant with the bright shine of the Quartet.
  Medals of the diameter of 60 mm, thickness 5 mm; medals engraved with the positive sign of FISU and the "Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade" in English font; medals engraved with the back of the Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade Games emblem and Chinese name, and in which a folded surface inlaid with a wavy colorful inlaid with mother. Ribbon by the core graphics and the name of this tournament and so on.
  The medal design poetry reflects the coastal city of Shenzhen, the geographical and cultural characteristics, and the World University Games are a unique atmosphere and vitality of youth. Like "Ocean" across the ocean, to convey the blessing of Shenzhen, China, the world's college students bring happiness and wisdom; its design philosophy has always adhered to the innovative ideas of Shenzhen Universiade, Shenzhen, as the United Nations fully reflects the "design" the art of level, hoping to leave the most valuable player award to commemorate; and its design inspiration from the Universiade Main Stadium of the current building structure and crystal texture.