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Manufacturers Smart TV by the end of betting or over 25% penetration

  With the Internet, smart phone industry, the impact of television, many television manufacturers have been more open betting "smart" television. 7, the reporter held in 2011 in the Chinese television market trends intelligent forum was informed, intelligent television in the second half into the fast lane, to the end of its market penetration will reach 25 percent or more.

  In addition to Samsung, Skyworth, Hisense and other domestic and foreign firms launched Smart TV, promoting the rapid expansion of the market, Lenovo, Apple, Google, Microsoft, had never been involved in the IT giant television industry are also eyeing the market for intelligent television, want to sub- cup of soup.

  Recently, three major appliance stores found in the River City, a growing number of TV brands began to "smart" as a selling point, and intelligent television in the store than the sample proportion and sales are rising.

  "Every TV sold 10 units, there is a TV station is smart." Wuhan Industrial appliances TV Manager Hang Fei said that at present, intelligent TV prices are still high, or Golden Week is expected to have a greater decline.

  It is reported that Internet television is different, smart television is an open platform, developers can develop many applications can be loaded "infinite content, unlimited application", just as smart phones, according to their preferences to install the software freely , any of a variety of game entertainment of their choice.

  According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office recently issued "smart TV consumer market needs analysis" shows that despite the current smart TV sales accounted for only 10% of flat-panel TV market, but the intelligent TV is expected to buy 32% rate, consumers Smart TVs expectations are high, which like a computer random access, Web browsing and video, and multi-screen interactive features, functions as smart TV popular demand.